1. Present Tense
  2. Past Tense
  3. Future Tense

Simple Present and Simple Past Tenses 12 Videos

  1. Simple Present Tense-Uses
  2. Simple Present Tense-Key Words
  3. Simple Present Tense-Affirmative (V1 or V-s/es)
  4. Simple Present Tense-Negative (don't/doesn't + v-1)
  5. Simple Present Tense-Interrogative (Do/Does .... v-1)
  6. Verb + S/es rules
  7. Simple Past Tense-Uses
  8. Simple Past Tense-Key Words
  9. Simple Past Tense-Affirmative(V-2/pt)
  10. Simple Past Tense-Negative(didn't + V-1)
  11. Simple Past Tense-Interrogative (Did .... V-1)
  12. Verb + d/ed rules
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