Head Clerk Paper Solution/Answer Keys of English - Exam held on April 30, 2017

Head Clerk English Paper Solution

By: Angel English Academy-Jasdan, Mo-8347262428
Exam Date: 30-4-2017 Sunday

  • Some of MCQs from Question Paper are dito-to-dito same as given in Angel's 1700 MCQs Book or in Angel's English Grammar Part-1-2-3
  • Some time words are changed, but rules remain the same.
  • 26 Marks Directly or Indirectly from Angel’s 1700 MCQs book or Angel’s Part-1-2-3


MCQs Numbers from 1700 MCQs book given below the answers contain the description/explanation of the reasons of answers of the MCQ asked in this exam


1.            Use appropriate verb form:
The patient.....if the doctor had come on time.
Ans: could have been saved (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-47-64)

2.            Adjective form of 'move'
Ans: movable

3.            Fill in the blank.
Our freedom fighters had ...... many hardships.
Ans: borne (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-222-206)

4.            Give past tense of : 'seek'
Ans: sought (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-205-222)

5.            The ..... you work hard. ..... result you get. (much + good)
Ans: more-better (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-98-64)
(બંને બાજુ the હોવા જોઈએ)

6.            They ..... the rebels in the market place.
Ans: hanged (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-75-204)

7.            Give opposite gender for : 'Monk'
Ans: Nun

8.            સાચાં જોડકા જોડો .
Ans: Lion-Den/Cow-Pen/Bee-Hive/Spider-Web

9.            Give antonym of 'clergy'
Ans: laity

10.          ..... sickness, she appeared at the examination.
Ans: Inspite of (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-131)

11.          Find out the correct sentence :
Ans: You will be punished unless you pay your fees.

12.          The dinner ..... before I arrived.
Ans: had been served (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-57)

13.          Plural form of 'Brother' (members of a society or community)
Ans: brethren (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-222)

14.          Fill in the gap. Current : Circuit : Earth : .......

15.          They ..... the silver lamps from the ceiling.
Ans: hung(1700 MCQs Book-Page no-124)

16.          Opposite gender of 'Abbot'.
Ans: Abbotess / Abbess

17.          Make assertive sentence :
What an interesting story this is!
Ans: This is a very interesting story (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-175)

18.          Change the degree : 'He plays better than Rohan'
Ans: Rohan does not play so well as he(1700 MCQs Book-Page no-222)

19.          I am a fast bowler, ..... ?
Ans: ain’t I (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-118-68)

20.          Give Plural form of : 'ratio'
Ans: ratios (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-220)

21.          Our teacher told us that knowledge is power. (Change the Voice)
Ans: We were told by our teacher that knowledge is power. (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-71)

22.          Give the Noun form of: To weave
Ans: web

23.          Fill in the blanks: ..... more ..... merrier.
Ans: the-the (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-55)

24.          Convert into indirect speech:
Ans: He said that honesty is the best policy. (Part-3)

25.          Take care ..... you fall.
Ans: lest (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-121-172-221)

26.          Find similar sentence:
Seeing the jeep of police, thief ran away.
Ans: Having seen the jeep of police, the thief ran away. (Part-2 DVD)

27.          Success often depends on your ability to ..... yourself to changing circumstances.
Ans: adapt

28.          Select single word for the following phrase:
"Person who east human flesh"
Ans: Cannibal (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-35)

29.          Give past tense of 'To bereave'.
Ans: berft (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-220)

30.          In the olden days, people believed that the earth was ...... .
Ans: stationary

31.          Give verb form of: ‘poor’
Ans: to impoverish (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-221)

32.          Make exclamatory sentence of:
Ans: What a memorable match it was! (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-175)

33.          Find out correct spelling:
Ans: Lieutenant

34.          Change into passive voice:
They asked me my name.
Ans: I was asked my name by them (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-161)

35.          ..... the dinner not..... yet ?
Ans: Has-been prepared (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-54-77)

36.          Give synonym of 'poison'.
Ans: venon

37.          Choose odd one out :
Ans: foul

38.          ..... do you think, will get the first prize?
Ans: Who

39.          Tea is too hot for me to drink. (Change the voice)
Ans: Tea is too hot to be drunk by me.

40.          Put proper Question tag: Everyone stood up, ……?
Ans: didn’t they (1700 MCQs Book-Page no-147)

41.          ...... sincere are always rewarded.
Ans: The (Part-1 Book & DVD-Article)

42.          Find the word for 'domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age'
Ans: Kine

43.          Ans: fool

44.          We went early ..... to get a good seat.
Ans: A

(Provisional answers)
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