Office Superintendent Answer Keys English Grammar

English Subject

1. Little knowledge is dangerous, ….. . (put a questions tag)
Ans: Isn't it?
(Reason: if the sentence is in Affirmative, QT is in Negative and if the sentence is Negative, QT is in Affirmative)

2. ‘Status quo’ meaning.
Ans: As it is
(It is Latin language phrase)

3. Listen, some important matter ….. by the teacher.
Ans: is being discussed
(Reason: This is Continuous Present Tense-Passive Voice. Listen is key word)

4. Please sign ….. ink not ….. ball pen.
Ans: in with
(Reason: before 'ink', 'in' is used and before 'pen', 'with' is used)

5. She sings the song ….. .
Ans: well
(Reason: if it is comparative degree 'better' should be used but this is single sentence so 'well' is more preferable)

6. We find ….. personas who have reached the age of hundred years.
Ans: a few
(Reason: 'Few' means none or Zero % but 'a few' means at least some)

7. There is much time. You ….. not hurry up.
Ans: need

8. Form a meaningful word from given below the alphabets.
Ans: B R A V E (4-1-5-2-3)

9. The bill has already ….. (pay)
Ans: been paid
(Reason: Passive voice of Perfect Present Tense. already is the key word)
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