GSEB HSCE - English(013)E- Paper Answer Keys-2015

HSCE-12th English(013)E Paper Solution/Answer Keys

GSEB Exam: March 24th, 2015

Hello dear students,I have tried my level best to solve the Question paper of Std. 12th English Second language.Below are the answers or the keys of HSCE English held on 24th March, 2015.


1)      It seemed that Pierre and Joseph drew some hidden strength from each other so we can say that they can’t live without each other.
2)      Jacques say that the 75 years age of a man and 25 of a horse are same. OR
Jacques compares man’s age by telling that a horse was twenty five years and that is likely seventy five for man.
3)      The writer wrote only two lines in her letter to Hanumanthappa that she was interested in meeting him and asked whether he could go to Banglore.
4)      The writer’s father was a very practical man.
5)      Aunt Jane was shocked to find the way Jill was living on debt.
6)      ‘cash down’ was the motto of Aunt Jane’s in her life.
7)      Mr. Frank was weeding the flower beds on the following Wednesday when the narrator came to see him
8)      The narrator’s eyes were full of tears. Mr.Franks said that she/the narrator would meet new people, make new friends.
9)      EDUSAT is India’s first exclusive satellite for taking education to rural and remote areas of the country.
10)  EDUSAT is configures with various beams for various areas. At a time, the experts in a particular subject can teach hundreds of students and the teacher will operate from a television studio and students in schools and colleges can see and listen the teach. In this way teaching-Learning will take place with the help of EDUSAT.

15)  The writer got up at 4:00 in the morning. She took few biscuits and half a slab of chocolate in the breakfast.
16)  She left the tent at around 5:30 a.m.
17)  Ang Dorjee wanted to climb without oxygen.
18)  Ang Dorjee was climbing without oxygen so he had to either get to the peak and back to the South Cole the same day or abandon the attempt.
19)  strenuous and tough
20)  The old tree was familiar whose glory was spread over land and the sea.
21)  …cut a tree
22)   The poet’s request is to spare that aged oak tree without cutting.
23)  The aged oak tree is towering to the skies.
24)  deep rooted = earth bound ties
25)  The people of India honour Tagore as a great national poet of India and as a true lover of nature.
26)  The Gitanjali is the famous collection of beautiful poems of Tagore.
27)  Tagore got the award of Noble Prize for writing ‘Gitanjali’.
28)  The love of mother nature made Tagore a great poet.
29)  (a) wander (b) awarded




36)  to 45) to…soldier…joined…from…Because…Physique…in…know…full…and
46)  Daisy asked Chandni if she had a few minutes to spare.
Chandani replied positively and told that she had.
Daisy again asked with request if she would like to have some tea and added that it’s ready.
Chandani replied negatively with thanks and added that she had it few minutes before.


47)  to 51 has been suffering
was given
52)  No sooner did Uncle Ken win the game than Maharaja dismissed him.
53)  My brother works from early morning upto late at night with a view to earning lot of money.
54)  Having seen the principal, the students got into the class.
55)  Porbandar is the place where Gandhiji was born.
56)  Kruti dnaces as if she were Rakhi Sawant.
57)  It is certain that you will be/have been punished because of you mischief.
58)  Let’s all be true Indians and work for her in unity in order that we can make her great and prosperous too.
59)  to 61) Rupal would not like that somebody would interfere her affairs, because she can solve her difficult problems with ability to act with agility in critical condition. But when she saw her result below expectation, she was greatly surprised.
62)  to 65)
Computer is a wonderful invention. Through it, massages are sent and received quickly. Calculations are done. It can also be used for entertainment.

Best of Luck!

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