Answers of Quiz Competition of Three Continuous Tenses & Learn English

Answers of Quiz based on English Grammar,

Three Continuous Tenses:

  • Present Continuous
  • Past Continuous &
  • Future Continuous
  • Active Voice & Passive Voice
Answers of English Grammar Quiz no-3

Turn the Following Sentences into English:

1.             Sir is teaching English in Angel Class now/at present.
2.             We are using internet now/present.
3.             We shall/will be travelling by plane at this time tomorrow.
4.             Tickets were being given by a conductor.
5.             A farmer was ploughing in the farm.
6.             Look/See/Watch, she isn’t jumping/leaping.
7.             You are being called in an office.
8.             Sentences are being written by you.
9.             Your car will be being repaired.
10.         Won’t you be asking me?
11.         Wasn’t a doctor checking you on Sunday?
12.         Children were shouting.
13.         Children won’t be being sent to school.
14.         Wasn’t I being helped?
15.         Will a question be being asked you by me? Or
Will you be being asked a question by me?
16.         Violin isn’t being played by Meera.
17.         Passengers weren’t waiting for a train at that time.
18.         People are dying without water.
19.         People won’t be living in unity.
20.         The Prime Minister will be addressing a meeting/assembly.
21.         It will be raining.
22.         Are you resting now?
23.         Is a parcel being send?
24.         Will guests be coming/arriving?
25.         Were students learning Sanskrit language?
26.         Were lions being fed?
27.         Am I not reading any book now?
28.         Sachin was hitting/striking a ball.
29.         A question wasn’t being asked by sir.
30.         Listen, he is telling/saying something.

Turn the Following Sentences into English:

31.         A story wasn’t being composed by an author.
32.         A story wasn’t being composed by an author.
33.         Was a peon(or any other subject) sending two parcels to the manager?
34.         Isn’t a ditch being dug by them?
35.         Duryodhan was being killed by Bhim at that time.
36.         Grapes from the fridge were being taken by Bitu.
37.         The librarian was arranging books.
38.         Kho kho on the ground is being played by the boys.
39.         Rangoli will be being made before the door by him and his wife.
40.         Bad habits were being given up by him.
41.         Answers are being written by me no.
42.         Is Active-Passive being taught us by sir? OR
Are we being taught Active-Passive by sir?
43.         The commander was giving orders.
44.         See, the chief guest(or any other suitable subject) is distributing gifts among students.
45.         Not Angelina but Priyanka is singing this song. OR
Angelina isn’t singing this song but Priyanka.
46.         Jerry will be being harassed by Tom.
47.         The might hero was beating villains.
48.         Rain won’t be being waited for any more in future by us.
49.         Was a paper being written by you?
50.         Will ISRO be sending a new shuttle on the Mars?

Answer no-3
Read the MCQ very carefully and choose the most appropriate options from ABCD given below.

51.         C. was discussing
52.         C. are preparing
53.         B. was eating
54.         A. are waiting
55.         C. are being distributed
56.         D. is teaching
57.         C. will be
58.         C. is playing
59.         B. are using
60.         B. doing
61.         D. is being sung
62.         D. are not going
63.         D. will be writing
64.         C. Will facing
65.         C. was making
66.         A. are being watered
67.         B. was being repaired
68.         D. is trying
69.         B. will be flowing
70.         D. is going
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