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100 Most Imp Questions:
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1.           He's got a camera, hasn't he?
2.           You didn’t see me, did you?
3.           Beena isn't sleeping, is she?
4.           It won't be anything expensive, will it?
5.           Brijesh frightened you, didn't he?
6.           Chirag has made a beautiful kite, hasn't he?
7.           Divya and Meera don't like Maths, do they?
8.           Dogs like meat, don't they?
9.           He'll never know, will he?
10.       He hasn't done it yet, has he?
11.       Don't smoke, will you?
12.       Everybody is present, aren't they?
13.       Everything is perfect, isn't it?
14.       You don't like ice cream, do you?
15.       Give me a hand, will you?
16.       He believes you, doesn't he?
17.       He shouldn't do it, should he?
18.       I am not that boy, am I?
19.       He's been to India twice, hasn't he?
20.       I'm clever, aren't I?
21.       Don't let it happen again, will you?
22.       He could have bought a new car, couldn't he?
23.       I am your best friend, aren't I?
24.       I didn't bring enough money, did I?
25.       You will help me to do the dishes, won't you?
26.       I like Jacky Chan, don't I?
27.       He hadn't got his time to talk, had he?
28.       I should call her, shouldn't I?
29.       He's from India, isn't he?
30.       She doesn't want to go, does she?
31.       You didn’t do homework yesterday, did you?
32.       She is collecting stickers, isn't she?
33.       It isn't very cold today, is it?
34.       You will never say yes, will you?
35.       It wasn't very difficult, was it?
36.       He won’t be happy, will he?
37.       Anand hadn't grown much, had he?
38.       Jane can’t swim, can she?
39.       Keyur will come tonight, won't he?
40.       Kirti always sleeps early, doesn't he/she?
41.       Let's do it, shall we?
42.       He's got my newspaper again, hasn't he?
43.       Mansi has answered the teacher's question, hasn't she?
44.       Mimi and Lily were sad yesterday, weren't they?
45.       Mrs. Bhatt is sick, isn't she?
46.       Ms. Sirisha assigns a lot of homework, doesn't she?
47.       There are some oranges in the basket, aren't there?
48.       Nima didn’t visit his grandfather last week, did she?
49.       He has a beautiful wife, hasn't he?
50.       There's a dictionary on the shelf, isn't/wasn't there?
51.       I and you often go home late, don't we?
52.       Nobody is perfect, are they?
53.       Preethi didn't use the pencil, did she?
54.       Rohan played handball yesterday, didn't he?
55.       She couldn't arrange that, could she?
56.       Let's not stay here, shall we?
57.       She doesn't talk much, does she?
58.       You have already seen the question paper, haven't you?
59.       She has a new car, hasn't she?
60.       She looks very beautiful today, doesn't she?
61.       English Grammar test was very easy, wasn't it?
62.       We can't keep our dog in the hotel room, can we?
63.       She must come to the party, mustn't she?
64.       We often watch TV in the afternoon, don't we?
65.       She works in a bank, doesn't she?
66.       Shailja won't be at the party, will she?
67.       We kept some money under the bed, didn't we?
68.       Rutvi and Meera are not in your class, are they?
69.       Sunidhi Chauhan is a great singer, isn't she?
70.       Her brother can bring some food, can't he?
71.       Tanya hasn't got any money left, has she?
72.       That is a difficult question, isn't it?
73.       You can't answer all the questions, can you?
74.       The boy didn't know the lesson, did he?
75.       You don't know her, do you?
76.       The children must go to bed early, mustn't they?
77.       The children won't want to go to bed early, will they?
78.       The dishes are dirty, aren't they?
79.       You can speak English well, can't you?
80.       The movie was very long, wasn't it?
81.       The party starts at eight o'clock, doesn't it?
82.       She doesn't drive, does she?
83.       There are some apples left, aren't there?
84.       They don’t like cats, do they?
85.       You haven't got a car, have you?
86.       There is no bread left, is there?
87.       There isn't any homework, is there?
88.       There's some milk in the refrigerator, isn't/wasn't there?
89.       They mustn’t buy the car, must they?
90.       This is your jacket, isn't it?
91.       He's got a nice house, hasn't he?
92.       It might rain, mightn't it?
93.       She has got a new car, hasn't she?
94.       You aren't twenty-one, are you?
95.       She didn't eat anything, did she?
96.       Your neighbors went on vacation, didn't they?
97.       He does sing in the bathroom, doesn't he?
98.       It seldom barks, does it?
99.       Mr. White ate a lot of fish yesterday, didn't he?
100.   You're coming to the party, aren't/weren't you?

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  1. Can any body tell me the question tag of "you have to have the last word."

  2. what is the question tag for "you have to have the last word"

  3. 98. Seldom is negative menaning so why you used in 98 no question not with does

  4. 98. Seldom is negative menaning so why you used in 98 no question not with does

    1. Barks is present indefinite therefore we can use do/does

  5. We will never grow u, will we? Correct ?

  6. What is the correct questions tag for this
    I have written a letter,Haven't I?
    I have a car,____?
    Don't I? / Haven't I?.....

  7. Can any body tell the question tag of "we have never been to USA

  8. What is the question tag for "the twenty first century will be a century of modern technology"

  9. Let her do what she wants to do,..........?

  10. She seldom writes a letter ______-?

  11. I am more hardworking than you,........?

  12. I am more hardworking than you,......?

  13. I am more hardworking than you,......?

  14. Some body helps to me_? question tag


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