TET-1 Most Imp English MCQ Set-2

TET-1 Most Imp English MCQ Set-2

1.     Dhara, “I love chocolate.”
Montu, “Dhara said that she ….. chocolate.”
a. loved
b. loves
c. loving
d. love

2.     A boy said to a girl, “I went skiing.”
a. A boys asked a girl that he wanted skiing.
b. A boys told a girl that he wanted skiing.
c. A boy told a girl that he had gone skiing.
d. A boy told a girl that she had gone skiing.

3.     Mr. Kalam was from South, ….. ?
a. has he
b. was he
c. wasn’t he
d. didn’t Kalam

4.     The laptop isn’t on the table,….. ?
a. where it
b. is it
c. has
d. isn’t the laptop

5.     The woodcutter cut a tree, ….. ?
a. did he
b. didn’t he
c. does he
d. doesn’t he

6.     There is ….. petrol in a tank today than yesterday.
a. a little
b. less
c. lesser
d. much

7.     Nothing ….. about the incident since that time.
a. has said
b. was said
c. has been said
d. told

8.     A new book ….. by Angel Institute next year.
a. will publish
b. will being published
c. will be published
d. will has been published

9.     I think I know ….. she left the job.
a. where
b. if
c. why
d. until

10. ….. I had known address, I would have come to meet you.
a. Whether
b. However
c. When
d. If

11. Get into the car ….. you see me.
a. while
b. as soon as
c. unless
d. so

12. We plan to arrange a test ….. next Monday.
a. during
b. on
c. at
d. for

13. What kind of books do you read?
a. Yes, I regularly read.
b. I read motivational books.
c. Many kinds of books are here to read.
d. Two hours daily.

14. I …. understand why you won’t let me.
a. couldn’t
b. must
c. can’t
d. shouldn’t

15. Dimpal doesn’t like ice-cream, but her kids ….. .
a. do
b. don’t
c. does
d. doesn’t

16. This class belongs to me, it’s ….. .
a. mine
b. my
c. your
d. am

17. He ate his dinner very ….. .
a. quickly
b. quick
c. useful
d. much

18. Most of basketball players are 6 ….. tall or more.
a. foots
b. feets
c. feet
d. foot

19. Please speak ….. little louder
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article

20. May I get your ….. cell number please?
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article

21. I saw many ..... grazing in the field.
a. sheeps
b. sheep
c. sheaps
d. ship

22. She decided to live by ….. alone in a city.
a. her
b. herself
c. now
d. a week

23. If you happen to see my parents there, give ….. my best regards.
a. then
b. them
c. hers
d. theirs

24. He should be ashamed of ….. .
a. he
b. himself
c. his
d. him

25. He remembers …… the Queen in a Mumbai.
a. meet
b. to meet
c. meeting
d. to meeting

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