TET-1 Most Imp English MCQ Set-4

TET-1 Most Imp English MCQ Set-4

1.      …. I use your cell phone as I have forgotten it?
a.      May
b.      Should
c.      Would
d.      Do

2.      Divya ….. Dimple if she could take her scooty.
a.      told
b.      helped
c.      sent
d.      asked

3.      We ….. our home work just now.
a.      are finished
b.      have finished
c.      had finished
d.      are finishing

4.      There ….. many children on the playground yesterday.
a.      are
b.      were
c.      did
d.      playing

5.      ‘To arrive’ means …..
a.      to go
b.      to come
c.      to see
d.      to arrest

6.      Next week, she is going to Surat with a view to …..  a seminar.
a.      will attend
b.      attend
c.      attends
d.      attending

7.      Listen, someone ….. a song.
a.      is singing
b.      sings
c.      singing
d.      will

8.      He has killed his own father. He is in jail because of ….. .
a.      father’s death
b.      homicide
c.      suicide
d.      patricide

9.      A mosquito is flying ….. your head.
a.      inside
b.      outside
c.      over
d.      on

10. Plural form of ‘deer’ is …..
a.      deer
b.      deeres
c.      deers
d.      dear

11. People are mad ….. money
a.      over
b.      after
c.      in
d.      with

12. One who has no parents is called …..
a.      orphan
b.      abundant
c.      lucky
d.      careless

13. This is the hotel ….. I had stayed last night.
a.      which
b.      that
c.      where
d.      costly

14. Find out the wrong spelling.
a.      communication
b.      pention
c.      cassette
d.      Independent

15. The scientific study of the human mind and behaviour is called …..
a.      Astrology
b.      Biology
c.      Pathology
d.      Psychology

16. Find the odd word.
a.      a dog
b.      an ox
c.      a cow
d.      a parrot

17. I think that sign means we ….. enter the building. Look, there a security guard too.
a.      mustn’t
b.      have to
c.      will
d.      don’t

18. ….. a wonderful picture it is!
a.      How
b.      What
c.      So
d.      Very

19. Don’t chew panmasal, ….. ?
a.      will you
b.      should you
c.      are you
d.      never you

20. ….. me, you should read English newspapers daily.
a.      Because of
b.      Inspite of
c.      According to
d.      Though

21. Superlative form of adjective ‘popular’ is …..
a.      popularity
b.      popularest
c.      most popular

22. Antonyms of ‘Qualify’.
a.      Imqualify
b.      Misqualify
c.      Disqualify
d.      Unqualify

23. I always get up early. Here, what part of speech ‘get up’ is …..
a.      an adjective
b.      a verb
c.      a preposition
d.      simple present

24. My wife is a good cook.
a.      I am agree with you
b.      I agree with you
c.      I am agree to you
d.      I agree to you

25. Why do you travel by ….. bus?
a.      a
b.      an
c.      the
d.      no article

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