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Little - A little    

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Let’s study the following sentences first:

1.             Let me take breakfast. I have a little money
(a little money : means somewhat but positive sense)

Now see the following sentence

2.             I will have to be hungry today as I have little money for breakfast.
(little money : means no money at all-zero balance)

Let’s see another Example:

3.             Cancer is in the first stage yet so there is a little hope to cure it.
(a little hope : He can survive or doctors can save him)

And now study the following sentence:

4.             Cancer is in the last stage so there is little hope to cure it.
(little hope : He is going to die-no hope at all)

One more example:

5.             A crow died because of thirst as there was little water in it.
(little water : No water at all)

6.               A crow survived as there was a little water in the pot.
(a little water : very little but at least there was water)


Ø   Little or A little :
Ø   These both are used before non-countable singular nouns like
Ø   hope, water, love, oil, money, anger, wheat etc.
Ø   Little: Means nothing at all-Zero
Ø   A little : Means very less but at least some quantity
Ø   Little with Article with ‘A’ means Positive and
Ø  Little without Article ‘A’ mean nothing-Negative sense

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