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Hi dear friends, 
Here in this page you can find the links of all the pages-posts and videos on YouTube together
·         ABCD-Writing
·         English Cursive Writing
·         Second & Fourth-ABCD-Videos
·         Cursive Writing Videos
Day-1 (7 Videos)
Day-2 (7 Videos)
Day-3 (5 Videos)
Day-4 (6 Videos)
Day-5 (5 Videos)
Day-6 (4 Videos)
Day-7 (-Videos)
Day-8 (5 Videos)
Day-9 (7 Videos)
Day-10 (5 Videos)
  • Common Errors
  • 7 Stars Challenges
Tenses Special
Conjunctions Special-1
Prepositions Special
Modal Auxiliary Verbs Special
Conjunctions Special-2
  • Antonyms, Homonyms, Synonyms
Homonyms exercise-1
Homonyms exercise-2
Homonyms exercise-3
  • to be
Present Tenses
All Tenses Mix
Modals in Simple Actions/Tenses:
Modals in Continuous Actions/Tenses:
Modals in perfect Actions/Tenses:

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