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The uses of Simple Present Tense :: with Examples

The Simple Present Tense is used in the following situations

Daily or Regular activities:
I visit angelforenglish blog daily.

Generally,  I take tea.

Never changing truth, Maths-Science-Geographic principles:
The sun rises in the east.
Water boils at 100 c.
The earth attracts everything towards it.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.

Teacher teaches.
Driver drives.
Mechanic repairs etc.

Near future actions which are fixed:
Our new batch starts tomorrow.
Next train leaves at 9:00.

When a sentence begins with HERE or THRE in running action:
Here comes Kishan sir.
There go students, see.

When we talk about Books or Movies incidents:
Amitabh dies in Sholey but in Hakikat, Dharmendra dies

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