Articles a-an

Articles (a-an-the)

In English, there are two types-kinds of articles,

1. Indefinite Articles- 'a-an' and
2. Definite article-the

In this article we will discuss about Indefinite Articles 'a' & 'an'

First of all, let me clarify why articles 'a-an' are called indefinite articles.
  1. Because these articles don't indicate any special noun.
  2. Because these articles are used before all common nouns.
And now we will discuss in detail where and why to use 'a' or 'an'.
1. If a countable noun begins with a consonant sound, 'a' is used before such nouns.

  • a boy
  • a computer
  • a doctor
  • a fan
  • a goat
  • a horse
  • a jug
  • a kite
  • a lamp
  • a mango
  • a necklace
  • a pencil
  • a queen
  • a ring
  • a shop
  • a table
  • a valley
  • a window
  • a yacht
  • a zoo
  • a one rupee note
  • a European currency
  • a union
  • a ewe etc.
  • a BCA student
  • a BA candidate

2. But if a countable noun begins with a vowel sound, 'an' is used before such nouns.

  • an apple
  • an eagle
  • an inn
  • an ornament
  • an umpire
  • an hour
  • an s.s.c. student
  • an M.A., candidate

3. 'a' and 'an' are used only before singular nouns so before plural nouns, no any indefinite article is used.

  • a bags incorrect
  • an apples incorrect

4. 'a' and 'an' aren't used before only adjectives.

  • a clever incorrect but a clever boy/girl/student/person is correct
  • an honest incorrect but an honest boy/girl/student/person is correct

5. 'a' and 'an' aren't used before non-countable nouns, such as metal, liquid, quantity etc.

  • a milk - incorrect
  • an oil - incorrect
  • a gold - incorrect

6. Common use of Indefinite articles with the following nouns.

  • a little (a little water)
  • a few (a few boys)
  • a kilo (Five rs a kilo)
  • a shame (What a shame !)
  • a lot of (a lot of people/a lot of sugar)
  • a half (one and a half/two and a half)
Practice Work:

Use of Indefinite Articles 'a'  'an' video-1

Use of Indefinite Articles 'a'  'an' video-2

Coming very soon, the following Grammar topics:
1. Article-the
2. Tenses.
3. Modals.
4. Prepositions
5. AV-PV
6. Indirect
7. Degree
8. Wh-Interrogative and Relatives
9. Conjunctions.
10. to be/to have
11. Verbs Blanks
12. Error findings
13. Synonyms
14. Antonyms
15. Homonyms

and a lot more..... 
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