2. between & among (Prepositions)

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Today we are going to discuss about the use of “between” & “among”
Between and Among, these both are prepositions:
Use of ‘between’
If we are talking about two persons-places-times-animals-birds-groups, the preposition ‘between’ is used before such nouns.
1.      between you and me
2.      between India and Shree Lanka
3.      between husband and wife
4.      between two monsters
5.      between 9 and 10 o’clock
6.      between gents and ladies
7.      between us (generally you and me)
8.      between it’s and its
Use in Sentences:
9.      Nothing is left between you and me.
10.  Joseph and Pierre shared some secret between them.
11.  King Lear divided his property between Goneril and Regal
12.  There is a very thin line between love and attraction or lust.
13.  Give the difference in one word between Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies.
14.  The clarification between running and walking hasn’t been made yet.
15.  “I love you passionately,” she murmured between kisses.   
Use of ‘among’
If we are talking about more than two, the preposition ‘among’ is used before them.
1.      among many people
2.      among hundreds of students
3.      among trees
4.      among the stars
5.      among family members
6.      among many things
7.      among five members
8.      among humans
9.      among writers
10.  among poems
Use in Sentences:
11.  The moon alone shines brightly among many stars.
12.  We always discuss about our new plans among all (of the) committee members.
13.   Please distribute these sweets among the poor.
14.  Don’t pass long time among politicians, come soon.
15.  Pogo is very popular among children.
16.  I share my posts and videos among thousands of English Grammar learners.
17.  To err is common among all of us.
18.  You are the only one among us who can solve this problem.
19.  Look at that one black crow among many white pigeons.
20.  Don’t spread fake rumours among innocent students.

Study the following video carefully. It's about 'between' & 'among' in easy English & Gujarati

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