1. since & for - (Prepositions) Explanation

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Here, I am going to explain about the use of  'since & for'

'since' and 'for' are used in the Perfect Present and Perfect Continuous Present tense to indicate the time factor.

Examples :  'since' -

since Monday
since 2 o'clock
since 2010
since my last birthday
since December etc.

Examples :  'for' -

for three days
for two hours
for three years
for one year
for 15 minutes etc.

Fill up the blanks with ‘since’ or ‘for’

1. I have been teaching English ….. 1996.
2. She has been dancing ….. three hours.
3. God has been distributing wisdom among people ….. many years.
4. My wife has been beating me ….. 11 o’clock.
5. Girls have been teasing boys ….. 20 minutes.
6. Why have you been laughing ….. I entered the class ?
7. ‘Angel’ has been sending English Learning videos ….. July 2014.
8. Eagle has been flying in the sky ….. last week.
9. Eagle has been flying in the sky …… the last week.
10. Wow ! we have been learning English ….. one year.
11. They have been talking ..... sir wen out.
12. .... 5 minutes, it has been raining too much.

  1. since
  2. for
  3. for
  4. since
  5. for
  6. since
  7. since
  8. for
  9. since
  10. for
  11. since
  12. for

Watch the following video carefully and you will get the idea of using 'since & for' correctly.
"The difference between 'since' and 'for' and also correct use of them"

for more explanation in written form, download PDF file from-Here

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