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Am-Is-Are-to be in Present Tense -(pdf)

The us of 'to be' forms:

  • 'Am-Is-Are' are known as to be forms.
  • They are used in Present Tense.
  • When they are used alone, they indicate only the existence of somebody or something in/at present time.
Ex: I am a boy. I am 16 years young. I am smart. I am not irregular in my study etc.
  • And when these forms are used with -ing form of the main verb, a continuous present tense if formed and the meaning of the sentence changes. It would now indicate any action taking place when we are talking about it.
  • Here we will mainly discuss only the use of to be forms 'Am-Is-Are' used as main verbs.
  • First of all let's understand which one is used with what kind of subject.
'am' is used with I
'is' is used with He, She, It and any other singular noun.
'are' is used with We, You, They and other plural nouns.

In this way

Singular                     Plural
I am                             We are
You are                        You are
He is
She is                           They are
It is
Singular is                    Plurals are

See the examples.

1. I am a lady.
2. We are students.
3. You are a teacher.
4. He is my brother.
5. She is an actress.
6. It is a dove.
7. They are senior citizens.
8. The camel is the sheep of the desert.
9. Girls are on the play ground.

These forms provide information or give the answers of...
  • 'Who'-Who am I? Intro
  • 'What'- What am I? occupation
  • 'Where'-Where am I? place
  • 'How'-How am I? Description

Who: Related examples
1. I am Kishan.
2. You are Julie.
3. She is my wife.
4. They are your neighbours.
5. Tom is Helena's close friend.

What:Related Examples:
1. She is a doctor.
2. They are passengers.
3. These are fish.
4. Kely is a singer.
5. Justin is a dancer.
6. We are advocates.

Where: Related Examples.
1. I am in a class.
2. We are on the tree.
3. You are under a bridge.
4. He is among many lions.
5. She is near a petrol pump.
6. It is in a cage.
7. They are inside the temple.
8. The sun is in the sky.

How: Related Examples.
1. I am very clever.
2. You are sick.
3. We are regular.
4. They are intelligent.
5. Merry is slim.

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