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Use of 'the'
In English, there are two types-kinds of articles,
1. Indefinite Articles- 'a-an' and
2. Definite article-the
In this article we will discuss about Definite Article 'the' 
  • The is used before Singular nouns.
  • The is used before plural nouns.
  • The is used before non or uncountable nouns also.
Thus, there isn't any boundary to use article 'the' but it has some specific rules before using article 'the'.
It is very clear that 'The' indicates something special.
Let's see where and how article 'the' is used.
Before - 'in the sky things' because they are 'one' at a place or in a particular area.
the sun
the moon
the sky
the galaxy
the earth
the comet
the stars
the black hole
the Neptune

Geographical Features:
the Nile
the Amazon
the Ganges
the Memuru
the Wheaton
the Seine
the Niger
the Loire
the Thames
the Congo
the Yellow river etc. 

the Pacific ocean
the Atlantic ocean
the Arabian sea
the Hind/Indian ocean
the Arabian sea
the Caribbean sea
the Red sea
the bay of Bengal
the bay of Kutch
the bay of Fundy
the Paradise bay
the bay of Islands
the bay of Kotor etc. 

Mountain Ranges:
the Himalayas
the Alps
the Endes
the Rockies

Points of the Earth:
the Equator
the north pole
the south pole 

the north
the South
the East
the West

the Sahara desert
the Rann of Kutch
the  Kalhari desert
the Great basin desert

the Sinhraja forest
the Kinabalu national park
the Tongass

Group of the Islands:
the Bahamas
the British Isles
the Philippines

Man made or Created Features:
the Panama Canal
the Narmada Canal
the Baltic Canal
the Suez Canal
the Volga Don Canal

Holy Books
The Geeta
the Mahabharat  

News Papers:
The Times of India
The Gujarat Samachar
The New York Times

Wonders of the World:
the Taj Mahal
the Great wall of China
the Eiffel Tower
the Hanging Gardens

Famous Buildings:
the White House
the Red Fort  

Hotels and Restaurants
the Hotel Taj
the Hilton

Group of Countries
the United States of America
the United Kingdom
the Netherlands

Some other Rules
If the common noun is used first time in a sentence, article a/an is used. But for the second time when used, the is applied before it.
- This is a pen. The pen has been gifted by my friend.
(Here a pen means any pen but the pen means the pen none other but mentioned in the first sentence)

Superlative forms of the adjectives:
the tallest
the highest
the smallest
the largest
the naughtiest
the most
the best
the worst

Ordinal Numbers:
the first
the second
the tenth
the last
the previous
the next

When a singular common noun indicates the entire species, the is used.
The cow is a holy animal. ('The cow' doesn't mean any single cow but all cows)
The rose is famous for its smell and beauty. ('The rose'-means all the roses.)

Castes/Sub-Castes/Religions showing People in General
the Hindus
the Japanese
the Americans
the French

When someone is compared with other in this way:
Sachin is the Bradman of Indian cricket team.
Selena is the Lady Gaga in our concert.

Specific or Head person among others:
the manager
the head master
the principal
the chief minister
the prime minister
the president
the captain

In comparative degree when two sentences are joined without any conjunction in this way:
The more we earn, the more we can spend.
The darker the night is, the more terrible it seems.

Adjectives Indicating the people:
the needy(needy people)
the dead(dead persons)
the poor (poor people)
the rich (rich people)

the Obamas
the Rathods
the Chaudharies

Practice Work
the exercise-1
the exercise-2
the exercise-3
the exercise-4
the exercise-5
the exercise-6
the exercise-7
the exercise-8
the exercise-9
the exercise-10
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-1
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-2
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-3
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-4
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-5
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-6
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-7
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-8
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-9
a-an-the-or no article Exercise-10


'The' before GOD made things:

'The' before HUMAN made things:

'The' before some other nouns:

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