Answer keys for Sachivalay Office Assistant

  • Sachivalay Office Assistant-Answer Keys or Paper Solution
  • Subject : English

1. His father went abroad with a view to earning more money.
2.  Ans: Gabbar told that he didn't wish to see any of them and ordered to go away.
(Direct-Indirect Videos)
3. It seems that you are in some tension. (Change the Voice)
          Ans: It is seemed that you are in some tension.
(Active Passive videos)
4.  A little learning is a dangerous thing.
5. One should keep one’s promises. (change the voice)
          Ans: Promises should be kept.
6.  Democracy means:
           Ans: A political system ruled by the people.
7. Comparative degree form of ‘fore’ is former
8. No sooner did Euridice step on the snake than it bit her.
9. Find out the wrong pair.
          Ans: photo-photoes (Singular-Plural videos)
10. Will you mind my sitting there?
11. Ans: unimportant
12. Put proper question tag. Little water is in the bottle, is it?
13. In the old age, most of the parents are dependants on their children.
14. The dinner had been served before I arrived.
15. Course served at the end of dinner is dessert.
16. Give plural form of: Axis.
            Ans: axes (Singular-Plural videos)
17. Laxmi goes to computer classes on Monday and Fridays. (Tenses videos)
18. Thirty days has September.
19. ‘-‘ is called hyphen.
20. A mason uses trowel.
21. The fan is moving over my head.(over-on Prep videos)
22. A life history of a person written by himself is autobiography.
23. Hammer is used for driving nails.
24. Feminine form of : ‘Horse’
            Ans: mare
25. One of the girls was selected for national scholarship.
26. Translate the following sentence into English.
     Ans: This patient has not eaten anything for three days.

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