7 Stars Challenge-5 (Tenses)

  • 7 Stars Challenge-5 (Tenses) : Tenses Blanks:
  • Hi dear English grammar learners,
  • 7 blanks related to tenses are given below.
  • Try to give the answers of these blanks before you go to 'Answers'.
  • And see how many stars you get !!

1. Correct -1 star
2. Correct-2 stars
3. Correct-3 stars
4. Correct-4 stars
5. Correct-5 stars
6. Correct-6 stars
7. Correct-7 stars

1. Sir . English now.
A. teaches
B. is teaches
C. teaching
D. is teaching

2. Listen, a nice song .. .
A. is singing
B. is sung
C. is being sung
D. being sung

3. What .. you . at present ?
A. doing
B. are doing
C. are being done
D. did do

4. Watch, a car .. in a garage.
A. is being repaired
B. repaired
C. does repair
D. does being repaired

5. Dont disturb the principal. He .. in his chamber.
A. is being slept
B. sleeping
C. is sleeping
D. does sleep

6. Videos . by Kishan sir at this time.
A. are sending
B. are being sent
C. have been sent
D. will be sent

7. Look, many students .. kites.
A. flying
B. are fly
C. have flown
D. are flying


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