Error Findings - 11 to 20

Preposition Special

  • In the following Sentences, Propositions are placed incorrectly.
  • Send us correct answers:8347262428

11. The principal entered into the office. Answer
12. In a father, you must take care from your kids. Answer
13. India got freedom in the leadership for Gandhiji. Answer
14. Why are you staring into me? Answer
15. The bird, Jatayu said, "I saw the chariot of Rawana flying on the jungle" Answer
16. There is a fine temple between many mountains. Answer
17. Who has taken money within my valet? Answer
18. Soham has to look before his grandmother. Answer
19. We have been discussing since two hours. Answer
20. What's time in your watch, Jinkal? Answer

Answers with Explanation
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