How many or How much ?

Use of How many v/s How much:

A. Look at some examples first:

How many alphabets-(more than one)
How many letters-(more than one)
How many girls-(more than one)
How many boys-(more than one)
How many teeth-(more than one)
How many bones-(more than one)

Did you notice?
The word after 'How many' is countable and also in plural form.
Thus, 'how many' is used to know about the numbers of things.

B. Now see the following examples:

How much water
How much petrol
How much love
How much caring
How much rice
How much wheat

And what did you notice here?
The word after 'How much' is non-countable and in singular.
Thus if we want to know about the quantity of something, the question is asked with 'How much'

Now Lets Learn how to give answers of the questions asked with 'How many' & 'How much'

How many as a subject indicator:

Q-1: How many players are playing on the playground?
Ans: 22 players are playing on the playground.
Q-2: How many students participated in the running competition?
Ans: 200 students participated in the running competition.

How many as an object indicator:

Q-3: How many runs did Virat score in the last match?
Ans: He scored 124 runs in the last match.
Q-4: How many points have you achieved from this project?
Ans: I have achieved 6 points.

How much as a subject indicator:

Q-5: How much water is there in the tank?
Ans: There is littler water in the tank.
Q-6: How much wheat is in the sack?

Ans: There is only three kg wheat in the sack.

How much as an object indicator:

Q-7: How much water should we drink daily?
Ans: We should drink minimum 10 glass water daily.
Q-8: How much do you love me?
Ans: I love you too much.

Answering words:

For 'How many'
lots of-ten-thousand of-many etc.
For 'How many'
much-one kg-one liter-tone-etc.

Now fill up the blanks with 'How many or How much and then try to give answers of the questions.

1.            ….. petrol is in a tank?
2.            ….. bikes are out of order?
3.            ….. do you love your lover?
4.            ….. movies have you watched?
5.            ….. is the price of these fruits?
6.            ….. stars can we see in the sky?
7.            ….. water should we drink daily?
8.            ….. members are in your family?
9.            ….. rice have you sold since now?
10.         ….. people is he addressing now?
11.         ….. animals will be alive in future on the earth?
12.         ….. blood is in human body?
13.         ….. bones are there in human body?
14.         ….. buses were there in the bus stand?
15.         ….. chairs are in the class?
16.         ….. chapters will be over by next month?
17.         ….. computers weren't new?
18.         ….. criminals have escaped from the jail ?
19.         ….. deep is the sunken Titanic now?
20.         ….. did Farhad love to Shirin ?
21.         ….. districts were there in Gujarat ago?
22.         ….. dust can a vacuum cleaner sweep per hour ?
23.         ….. food is in the box?
24.         ….. girls are present today?
25.         ….. grain will be in the godown?
26.         ….. ice is there on the Antarctica?
27.         ….. movies of Kaitrina Kaif are super hit?
28.         ….. pages are in this note book?
29.         ….. petrol did you pour in the tank ?
30.         ….. petrol will be in the future?
31.         ….. planes and ships might the Bermuda sea have swallowed ?
32.         ….. rooms aren't clean?
33.         ….. runs could Rohit score in the last match ?
34.         ….. scientists have pitched the tents on the Antarctica ?
35.         ….. sentences are easy in this exercise?
36.         ….. shuttles has America sent to find out the life on other planets ?
37.         ….. states are in India?
38.         ….. students are in the class now?
39.         ….. time was given for paper writing?
40.         ….. water is in the sea?
41.         ….. water is necessary daily?
42.         ….. weight can an ant carry ?
43.         ….. weight will be of the earth?
44.         ….. will be the weight of the earth?
45.         ….. windows are broken?

How many v/s How much Video Explanation in Gujarati Language:

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