Vidhyut Sahayak English Grammar Answer keys 11-1-2015

Answer Key of “Vidhyut Sahayak PGVCL” Question Paper:
Exam Held on – Sunday, 11th January,2015
English Grammar:

1.  ‘The Lions of the east’ ….. an interesting book.
Ans: is

2. ….. the lion at 10 feet far, the shepherd collapsed.
Ans: Having seen 
3. This is the garden ….. the finest roses grow.
Ans: where

4. The lawyer …. I consulted gave me some useful advice.
Ans: whom

5. Neither of the ladies ….. very kind to us on that occasion.
Ans: was

6. He is ….. old to learn things.
Ans: too

7. Suraj has been living here ….. October 2004.
Ans: since
8. He was placed ….. two girls.
Ans: between
9. How ….. ghee do you want? One kg or Two kg?
Ans: much

10. Stop for sometime, the long vehicle ….. .
Ans: is coming

11. I have still ….. rupees with me.
Ans: a few
few-a few

12. I found him ….. in the library.
Ans: reading

13. There is an old temple, ….. temple is very ancient.
Ans: the
14. No sooner ….. the sun rise .... the fog disappeared.
Ans: did….than

15. You ….. help your poor friends.
Ans: ought to

16. The cyclone caused ……damage to the city.
Ans: extensive

17. Uttarayan ….. in Gujarat with more joy and enjoyment.
Ans: is celebrated

18. Don’t listen ….. that foolish fellow.
Ans: to

19. You are an expert cook, ….. ? (Question Tag)
Ans: aren’t you

20. The students ….. before the teacher entered in the class. (‘in’ isn't needed )
Ans: had left

Best of  Luck !
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