Prepositions Rule-2 Exercise

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Rule-2 Exercise : Use of Prepositions : (Click here for Detail of Rules)
Rule no-2
  • If a verb follows a preposition, it takes ….ing form and turns into noun.
  • That is to say after preposition verb’s …ing form is to be used.
Rewrite the following phrases with making necessary changes:

Ex. for swim = for swimming
  1. in ask
  2. for submit
  3. before eat
  4. without write
  5. after go
  6. in speak
  7. with run
  8. about jump
  9. besides learn
  10. during teach
  11. for check
  12. before enter
  13. after take
  14. with drive
  15. about climb
Rule-2 Explanation in Gujarati

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  1. In asking . Fot submitting .before eating .without writing after going .in speaking. With running. About jumping . Besides learning. During teaching. For checking. Before entering. After taking. With driving. About climbing

  2. In asking. For submitting. Before eatting.without writing. After going. In speaking.with runing.about jumping.besides learning. During teaching.for checking. Before entering. After talking.with driving. About climbing.


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