The Rules of Using Prepositions

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Use of Prepositions

Hi dear friends,
  • In this article, I am going to inform and guide you about what rules are to be followed using prepositions, what to keep in mind before we use prepositions in a sentence or phrase or in a language as well.

What is Preposition?
  • Preposition is a small word which shows or indicates the relationship of Subject with noun or pronoun in a sentence.
  • Prepositions have specific meaning or translations in other languages but they are very tricky when used in a sentence as they have some particular meaning when they are isolate but meaning changes when they are used in a sentence.

 There are three rules which we must follow when we use prepositions in a sentece.

Rule no-1
  • In English, Prepositions are always used before the noun or pronoun.
  • While in Gujarati, preposition is used before the noun or pronoun

1.    in a class – VARG MA
2.    on a table – TEBL PR
3.    near a target – TARGET NI NJDIK
4.    under a tree – VRUX NICHE
5.    without me – MARA VAGR
6.    with a knife – CHHRI VDE
7.    from god – BHAGVAN PASETHI
8.    after you – TAMARA PACHHI/PEHLE AAP
9.    before eating – KHADHA PELA
10. among people –LOKO VACHCHE

Click here for Rule-1 Exercise

Rule no-2
  • If a verb follows a preposition, it takes ….ing form and turns into noun.
  • That is to say after preposition verb’s …ing form is to be used.

1.    before asking
2.    after reaching
3.    without taking
4.    from sending
5.    in repairing
6.    during writing
7.    upto finishing
8.    behind killing
9.    upon saving
10. on watching

Rule no-3
  • After preposition if a personal pronoun alone is used, it is always in an objective case.

1.    ‘with  me’ - correct : ‘with my’ - incorrect
2.    ‘without you’ - correct : ‘without your’ – incorrect
3.    ‘from us’ - correct : ‘from our’ - incorrect
4.    ‘behind him’ - correct : ‘behind his’ - incorrect
5.    ‘on them’ - correct : ‘on their’ – incorrect

Click here for Rule-3 Exercise

The following videos (Gujarati to English) may throw light on the above mentioned rules:



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