Verbs + ing in English Tenses

 Verb + …ing

 VIDEO contains Explanation in Gujarati about VERBS+ing Rules

Rules of applying ing to Verbs

Ø  Rule-1
Remove ending ‘e’ and then apply ing
Ex.      write   =          writing
come   =          coming
advise  =          advising
praise  =          praising

·         But if there are two ‘ee’s, there isn’t any change while

Ex.      see       =          seeing
agree   =          agreeing

·         Moreover if a verb end with ‘ye’, is applied without any change.

Ex.      dye      =          dyeing
eye       =          eyeing

Ø  Rule-2
Doubling of the last vowel before ing is applied.

·         If a verb ends with single vowel+consonant, the last consonant is doubled and then …ing is applied.
Ex.      plan     =          planning
get       =          getting
submit =          submitting
stop     =          stopping
shut     =          shutting
whiz    =          whizzing

·         But three alphabets w-x-y never get doubled
Ex.      show   =          showing
mix      =          mixing
play     =          playing

·         Moreover if the last consonant has two preceding vowels, it’s not doubled.
Ex.      meet    =          meeting
read    =          reading
favour =          favouring

·         And If the last consonant isn’t accented, it isn’t doubled.
Ex.      visit     =          visiting
offer    =          offering
happen=         happening
listen   =          listening

Ø  Rule-3
…ing with Some other Exceptions

·         ‘ie’ is changed into ‘y’ and then …ing is applied.
Ex.      die       =          dying
tie        =          tying
lie        =          lying
·         other
Ex.      age      =          ageing


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