TET-2 Paper Solution/Answer Keys of English - Exam held on 26th July, 2015

TET Paper Solution/Answer Keys(Provisional)

English Grammar

Exam held on 26th July, 2015

  • Hello dear students / candidates,
  • I have tried my level best to solve the Question paper of TET-2, English Grammar.
  • Below are the answers or the keys of TET Paper English Grammar, exam date  July 26th, 2015

Answer Keys:

TET-2 Paper Solution / Answer Keys:
-: English Grammar :-

1.      I am afraid I’m not hungry. I’ve ….. eaten lunch.
Ans: already
Chapter-32 :: Tenses - Perfect Present Tense
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2)

2.      The dishes ….. being served by Kala to the guests now. (‘The dishes ….. by Kala to the guests now.’-Correct Sentence)
Ans: are/are being served
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2/3)

3.      You may take away your shoes as they …..
Ans: have been polished
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2/3)

4.      Would you like ….. chicken ?
Ans: some
(When we offer something to someone, 'some' is used
ex. Would/Could you like some tea? etc)
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2)

5.      Find out the correct spelling:
Ans: deficiency

6.      Rabindranath Tagore was one of the ….. poets of modern India.
Ans: greatest
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

7.      Sudha ….. to her brother that they should visit Abu the following week.
Ans: proposed
Chapter-65 :: Direct-Indirect-6 of Let-Let me-Let's

8.      ….. the terrorist, the police followed him.
Ans. seeing

9.      This is ….. picture ….. caused sensation.
Ans: the same…as

10. Children ….. undue important.(importance must be here.)
Ans: should not be given
Chapter-39 :: Should-Ought to Modal Auxiliary Verbs
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2/3)

11. ….. they ….. their meal before you reached?
Ans: Had…..taken
Chapter-48 :: Conjunctions
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

12. I ….. TV when the telephone rang.
Ans: was watching
13. Jack is really ….. history, especially Japanese history.
Ans: interested in
Chapter-46 :: Prepositions
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2)

14. What ….. do at work?
Ans: have you to (must you is also applicable)
Chapter-50 :: to have to
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

15. ….. we won’t have much to talk about.
Ans: Unless he comes (little but doubtful)
Chapter-48 :: Conjunctions
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

16. Put proper question tag. I am a physician, …..
Ans: aren’t I?

17. Who can count the stars? Means…..
Ans: Nobody can count the stars.
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2)

18. Smoking is injurious ….. health.
Ans. To
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2)

19. Choose the correct order of sentence.
Ans: How many brothers have you?
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2)

20. Which word is wrong for plural number:
Ans: Leafs
Chapter-8 :: Plural Making Rules and Guidelines
(Angel English Grammar-Part-1)

21. “The patient had died when the doctor came” – state the proper tense
Ans: Perfect Past tense
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2/3)

22.  … my opinion, you should take the advice of a surgeon.
Ans: According to

23. ‘He brought a good novel’ – Change voice:
Ans: A good novel was brought by him.
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

24. Which is correct sentence:
Ans: A bird is flying over our roofs.
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2)

25.  Find out wrong group of synonyms.
Ans: Quit-Quiet

26.  Sonu and Mantra love ….. .
Ans: each other
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

27. Find out types of noun. “Gold and silver are precious things for ornaments.”
Ans: Material noun

28. The cow is standing ….. a tree.
Ans: under
(Angel English Grammar-Part-2)

29. ‘What a beautiful picture it is!’ Make it simple Sentence.
Ans: It is a very beautiful picture.
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

30.  ‘Parth puts on a fine dress everyday’
Ans: wears

31.  If you worked hard, you ….. pass this test.
Ans: would
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

32.  Make one sentence:
Ans: My uncle takes neither tea nor coffee.
(Angel English Grammar-Part-3)

Best of luck!
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