Video Unit of Present Continuous Tense English Grammar in Gujarati

Present Continuous Tense - English Grammar
  • Use of Present Continuous Tense
  • Present Continuous Tense is used to indicate the action which is going on now or happening at the moment of speaking.
  1. I am teaching Present Continuous Tense now.
  2. Students are writing their papers at present.
  3. Look, some girls are playing on the playground.
  4. Sir is not telling a joke. He is telling a story.
  5. Is a driver driving a bus very slow?
  6. Don't call me while I am attending Kishan sir's lectures.
  7. Are they waiting for me?
  8. Listen, somebody is crying.
  9. Run, tiger is coming towards us.
  10. Hurry up, it is raining.
  11. Mr.President is addressing the meeting.
  12. Hero is dancing with heroine.
  13. Sunidhi is not singing Bhajans.
  14. Are you surfing?
  15. Am I not speaking loudly?
  • Present Continuous Tense is also used to indicate the action of very near Future.
  1. I am visiting your village at 10 tomorrow.
  2. The minister is not coming next month.
  3. These players are playing in my team in the next match.
  4. Are you going to invite me in your birthday celebration?
  5. We are meeting at cinema today night.
  • Some times, we use Present Continuous Tense in place of Simple Present Tense Actions.
  1. Buses are not coming in time now-a-days.
  2. Sir is explaining very interestingly for a few days.
Video for the Present Continuous Tense
by Kishan Sir (in Gujarati)

Sentence Patterns of Present Continuous Tense:

  • Affirmative:
  • Subject + am/is/are + Verb-ing + Object/extra words.
  • I am ....
  • We/You/They/Plural are ....
  • He/She/It/Singular is ....

  • Negative:
  • Subject + am/is/are +not+ Verb-ing + Object/extra words.
  • I am not ....
  • We/You/They/Plural are not(aren't) .....
  • He/She/It/Singular is not (isn't) ....

  • Interrogative:
  • Am/Is/Are + Subject + Verb-ing + Object/extra words?
  • Am I ....
  • Are we/you/they/plural ....
  • Is he/she/it/singular ....
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