HTAT English Answer Keys Paper Solution Exam held on 20-09-2015

HTAT English Answers Keys - Paper Solution
Exam held on 20-09-2015

Hello dear students / candidates,

I have tried my level best to solve the Question paper of HTAT, English Grammar.

Below are the answers or the keys of HTAT Paper English Grammar, exam date  September 20eth, 2015

Answer Keys:

HTAT Paper Solution/Answer Keys :


My sister is always true to her word.
to be true to one’s word ये एक इंग्लिश फ्रेज है.

Unless you work hard, you will not pass. Means
If you do not work hard, you will not pass.

देखिये ये विडिओ
If -
Unless -
Find out the correct spellings:
Staircase, Newspaper, Candle, Pincers

Who broke the glass of window? Change Voice:
By whom was the glass of window broken?

Who का Passive Voice देखिए

My father said, “Bring a book today” Means.
My father ordered to bring a book that day.

आग्नार्थ को कैसे Indirect में Change किये ये शिखने/देखने क लिए क्लिक करे:

Rinku has been working since morning.

चालु पूर्ण वर्तमान काळ है.
डिटेल विडियो में देखे:

A pronoun is a word which is used instead of a noun.

Pronouns का विडियो देखे

Which is the false sentence?
I am reading at that time.

Present Continuous Tense का key words देख ले and समज ले

Atul has been serving for three years.

since & for कब कहा कैसे क्यू यूज़ होता है, देखे

Find out simple future tense.
My brother will fly a kite on next Sunday.

Simple Future Tense:

Rina is more intelligent than Tina. – Change Degree
Tina is not so intelligent as Rina.

Positive Degree:
Comparative Degree:

Atul was too fat to climb a tree.  – Remove ‘too’
Atul was so fat that he couldn’t climb a tree

Seeing a tiger, he ran away fastly.

वर्तमान कृदंत का यूज़
more ref Sentence no-7

Find out one correct sentence.
He is neither right nor wrong.

Neither…nor का यूज़ एवं वाक्य बनाने की रित

Change the voice:
The robbers attacked the police.
The police were attacked by the robbers.

(The Police का  use बहुवचन में hi होता है, Ref. Objective General English by R.S. Aggarwal, Vikas Aggarwal, Page no-340)

Oxford Dictionary Ref

Simple Past Tense को passive में change करनेकी मेथड

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