GSSSB Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-16

Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-16

  • MCQ 226 to 240
226.      Find the wrong sentence from below.
a.            One of the students is missing, sir.
b.            Do you know why has she left her study?
c.            He is capable enough to afford costly items.
d.            A thing of beauty is joy forever.

227.      He is richer than …..
a.            me
b.            her
c.            him
d.            I

228.      “We like our work.” – Which of following is appropriate passive of this sentence.
a.            We are very much liked our work
b.            Our work is liked by us.
c.            Our work are liked by us.
d.            Our work is like us.

229.      We saw him ….. a tree yesterday.
a.            cutting
b.            cut
c.            to cut
d.            was cutting

230.      This is the doctor ….. wife is suffering from cancer.
a.            his
b.            whose
c.            whom
d.            a

231.      ….. Sagar Samrat is….. big ship.
a.             A-a
b.            A-the
c.            The-a
d.            The-the

232.      Find the most similar word for ‘beg’ from given below.
a.            implore
b.            argue
c.            request
d.            bow

233.      I have never gone to Japan. I know ….. people there.
a.            Few
b.            a few
c.            many
d.            most of

234.      A teacher and afraid of teaching!
a.            It is an exclamatory sentence.
b.            It is not good habit.
c.            It says that a teacher must be afraid of teaching.
d.            All teachers are not afraid.

235.      I am a doctor ….. my wife is a nurse.
a.            when
b.            while
c.            so
d.            because

236.      Divya ….. since she arrived.
a.            talks
b.            talking
c.            is talking
d.            has been talking.

237.      I am a good orator, ….. ?
a.            don’t you
b.            don’t I
c.            aren’t I
d.            aren’t you

238.      Ajya and Kajol are husband and wife. They both love ….. .
a.            for each other
b.            made for each other
c.            each other
d.            in each other

239.      Meghna wants to speak in English but due to lack of self confidence she can’t.
Which one suits proper.
a.            Meghna is not willing at all to make conversation in English.
b.            Meghna has a lot of fear in speaking in English.
c.            Meghna doesn’t get encouragement from inside to talk in English.
d.            Meghna is good at speaking in English.

240.      Does she …..  get up early and cook for family at this old age?
a.            have to
b.            has to
c.            is

d.            had


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