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  • Exam: GSSSB Bin Sachivalay Clerk & Office Assistant
  • Exam Date: 17-11-2019
  • Questions: 25

Solved by Kishan Sir, Angel English Academy-Jasdan 

  1. Fill in the blank:
    There is no Hindu _____ knows the story of the Ramayana.
    A. who
    B. which
    C. but
    D. that
    Ans: C
  2. Fill in the blank:
    Go back _____ you came.
    A. where
    B. when
    C. whence
    D. whither
    Ans: C
  3. Fill in the blank:
    Rama, and not you, _____ won the prize.
    A. have
    B. has
    C. didn’t
    D. will
    Ans: B
  4. Fill in the blank:
    I, who _____ your friend, will guard your interests.
    A. are
    B. am
    C. was
    D. has
    Ans: B
  5. Give Synonym of: ‘Barbarous’
    A. Barber
    B. Savage
    C. Labourous
    D. Ambitious
    Ans: B
  6. Fill in the blank:
    _____ Ranchhod Pitamber is suspected by the police. (Not sure)
    A. A
    B. An
    C. The
    D. No article required
    Ans: A/C/D (not sure)
  7. Fill in the blank:
    A black and white cow _____ grazing in the filed now.
    A. is
    B. are
    C. was
    D. were
    Ans: A
  8. Fill in the blank:
    He showed _____ mercy to the vanquished and killed them.
    A. a little
    B. the little
    C. little
    D. a few
    Ans: C
  9. Fill in the blank:
    The Jury _____ divided in their opinions in the last meeting.
    A. is
    B. are
    C. was
    D. were
    Ans: D
  10. Fill in the blank:
    He has few grey _____ in his beard.
    A. hair
    B. haire
    C. hairs
    D. hare
    Ans: C
  11. Find out the correct word for: ‘That cannot be understood.’
    A. Incomprehensible
    B. Incomprancible
    C. Uncomprihensible
    D. Incomprencible
    Ans: A
  12. Find the adverb in the following sentence:
    If you walk backwards, you may trip and fall.
    A. backwards
    B. may
    C. If
    D. fall
    Ans: A
  13. Change the voice:
    It was high time to remove the Article – 370
    A. King time was there to be removed Article - 370
    B. It was to be high time to remove Article - 370
    C. It was high time for the Article – 370 to be removed.
    D. Article – 370 was to be remove at high time.
    Ans: C
  14. Change into Indirect speech:
    They said ‘Alas! He is dead.
    A. They asked if he is dead
    B. They exclaimed sadly that he was dead.
    C. They told whether he was dead.
    D. They asked joyfully if he was really dead.
    Ans: B
  15. Change the degree:
    Mohan is not the best student
    A. Some students are at least as good as Mohan
    B. Mohan is better than any other student
    C. No other student is good as Mohan
    D. Many students are bester than Mohan
    Ans: A
  16. Put proper question tag.
    India, our motherland is great, _____ .
    A. is it?
    B. isn’t it true?
    C. is she?
    D. isn’t she?
    Ans: D
  17. Fill in the blank:
    Then we pondered over _____ we should go next.
    A. while
    B. their
    C. whither
    D. what
    Ans: C
  18. Fill in the blank:
    _____ does Parliament derive this power?
    A. What
    B. Hither
    C. Which
    D. Whence
    Ans: D
  19. Fill in the blank:
    They were planning to drive on into Nepal and _____ home via Delhi.
    A. theirs
    B. than
    C. there
    D. thence
    Ans: D
  20. Fill in the blank:
    Pointing to a shop at the end of the street, the father said to the children, “Let’s go _____ to the ice-cream shop.”
    A. thither
    B. wither
    C. their
    D. here
    Ans: A
  21. Give antonym of: ‘Plaintiff’
    A. Complainant
    B. Suer
    C. Acused
    D. Defendant
    Ans: D
  22. Give noun form of: ‘Gird’
    A. Girdar
    B. Girth
    C. Gurder
    D. Girdthe
    Ans: B
  23. Give adjective form of ‘Heal’ (Generally used for old people)
    A. Healthily
    B. Hell
    C. Hale
    D. Haelthy
    Ans: C (Hale Hitler: one famous phrase)
  24. Give past participle form of : ‘Beseech’
    A. beseeched
    B. besought
    C. both A and B
    D. besoght
    Ans: C
  25. Change the gender of : ‘Duck’
    A. Dutch
    B. Duke
    C. Drake
    D. Dukling
    Ans: C

Paper Solution By Angel English Academy: pdf

Provisional Answer Key: Download

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