HNGU Junior Clerk English Paper Solution-1 (3-11-2019)

HNGU Junior Clerk English Paper Solution/Answer Key
Solved By Angel English Academy-Jasdan (8347262428)

Exam Date: 3-11-2019, Sunday

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1. She is the best student _____ all.
A. between
B. among
C. in
D. from
Ans: B (all means more than two so among option as an answer is applicable here)

2. A stranger said to me “can you help me?”: turn into indirect speech.
A. A stranger request at me if I could help him
B. A stranger told me if I can help him
C. A stranger suggested me if I could help him
D. A stranger asked me if I could help him
Ans: A (It’s interrogative so said to = asked, as a conjunction if & can you turns into I could & at last me = him)

3. The best synonym for “advise” is-
A. look forward
B. travel
C. recommend
D. record
Ans: C (advise means recommend)

4. Find out the correct sentence.
A. You will be suspended if you pay your fees.
B. You will be suspended unless you don’t pay your fees.
C. You will be suspended if you had paid your fees.
D. You will be suspended unless you pay your fees.
Ans: D

5. Rajat is eating a mango now. – Select the correct passive voice.
A. A Mango is eating now by Rajat.
B. A mango was being eaten by Rajat now.
C. A mango is be eaten by Rajat now.
D. A mango is being eaten by Rajat now.
Ans: D (‘A mango’ is made a subject, Passive of ‘is eating’ is ‘is being eaten’ & Rajat with by is placed after verb)

6. Give the synonym of “terminate”
A. Suspend
B. Interrupt
C. End
D. Dismiss
Ans: C (end means terminate)

7. Smile and the world _____ with you.
A. smiles
B. will smile
C. smiling
D. smiled
Ans: B (This is an idiomatic sentence)

8. Our constitution _____ before India become (became) a republic.
A. had been framed
B. Has been framed
C. Has framed
D. Had framed
Ans: A (If two sentences are joined with the conjunction ‘before’ and is a sentence after ‘before’ is in the simple past tense, the other one must be in the perfect past tense)

9. The first prize _____ by Krishna, the students congratulated with loud cheers.
A. having won
B. having win
C. having been won
D. had won
Ans: C (This is Perfect Participle Passive Construction. A blank in the first sentence, comma after the first sentence, and the second sentence in the past tense indicates it as Perfect or Present Participle construction. ‘having + V-3’ If it’s Active, ‘having been + V-3’ if it’s passive)

10. They continued to play _____ bad light.
A. owing to
B. on account of
C. instead of
D. inspite of
Ans: D (out of these four options, only ‘inspite of’ indicates contrast here.)

11. Correct the part of the sentence in italics:
I would gladly accompany your sister if you had asked me.
A. would have gladly accompanied
B. was to have gladly accompanied
C. will gladly accompany
D. No improvement
Ans: A (If there is ‘had + V-3’ in the ‘if’ clause, there must be ‘would/could/should/must + have + V-3’ in the other main clause)

12. Give one word for, ‘A house for storing grains’.
A. Cellar
B. Store
C. Granary
D. Godown
Ans: C

13. Pick the right option which has words related in a similar way:
A. Medicine : Germs
B. Knife : Laceration
C. Calcium : Bones
D. Fire : Explosion
Ans: D

14. Pick the right option which has words related in a similar way:
A. Helmet : motorcycle
B. Boot : saddle
C. Switch : light
D. Pad : helicopter
Ans: C

15. Nordisk have recently _____ a product called Glucometer.
A. started
B. commissioned
C. launched
D. begun
Ans: C


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