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Examples and Description:


1.                I fly kites daily / every year.
2.                We fly kites daily / every year.
3.                You fly kites daily / every year.
4.                They fly kites daily / every year.
5.                Boys fly kites daily / every year.
6.                Children fly kites daily / every year.
7.                Indians fly kites daily / every year.

-In the above Sentences “fly” is a base verb.
-Thus if “I-We-You-They-Plurals” are used as Subject, the base form of the verb is always used in the Simple Present Tense. 
-See the sentences from 1 to 7.
-But if the subjects are either of “He-She-It-Singular”, verb with s/es/ies or V-s/es/ies is used after the subject.
-See the sentences from 8 to 10.

8.                He flies kites daily / every year.
9.                She flies kites daily / every year.
10.           Kishan flies kites daily / every year.

In the above Sentences “fly” is a base verb.
For the rules of applying s/es/ies to verbs, visit to ( )
Formula :
Subjects  +     V-1 or V-s/es    +     other words.
You/We/They/Plurals    V-1 D}/~5
He/She/It/Singular     V-s/es

11.         I do not fly kites daily / every year.
12.         We do not fly kites daily / every year.
13.         You do not fly kites daily / every year.
14.         They do not fly kites daily / every year.
15.         Boys do not fly kites daily / every year
16.         Children do not  fly kites daily / every year.
17.         Indians do not fly kites daily / every year.

-In all those above sentences, do not is used to make the Negative Sentences of the Simple Present Tense
-Thus, if the subjects are I-We-You-They or Plurals, do not is used to make Negative.
-  But if the subjects are He-She-It or any other singular, does not has to be used.
-  Look at the sentence no 18 to 20.
18.         He does not fly kites daily / every year.
19.         She does not fly kites daily / every year.
20.         Kishan does not fly kites daily / every year.

Formula :
Subject + do not or does not + V-1 other words.
You/We/They/Plurals do not V-1
He/She/It/Singular does not + V-1

21.         Do I fly kites daily / every year ?
22.         Do we fly kites daily / every year ?
23.         Do you fly kites daily / every year ?
24.         Do they fly kites daily / every year ?
25.         Do boys fly kites daily / every year ?
26.         Do children fly kites daily / every year ?
27.         Do Indians fly kites daily / every year ?

- ‘Do is used before the subjects or say at the beginning of the sentence to make Interrogative.
-  If there are subjects like I-We-You-They-Plural, Do is used but if the subjects are like He-She-It or Singular, ‘Does is used.
-  See the following sentences.
28.         Does he fly kites daily / every year ?
29.         Does she fly kites daily / every year ?
30.         Does Kishan fly kites daily / every year ?

Do/Does    +     Subjects  +     V-1  +     other words ?
Do           +     I-we-you-they/Plurlas +        V-1.
Does       +      he-she-it/Singular               +        V-1.

Simple Present Tense-Key Words
Simple Present Tense-Uses

Attention please :

-The Simple Present Tense is used maximum in our day to day talks.
-‘am-is-are’ aren't used in the Simple Present Tense.
-Wherever and whenever ‘does’ is used as a helping verb, s/es/ies’ is removed from the verb.
-Now you needs a lot of practice to remember the Simple Present Tense for long time.

Best of Luck !
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