If Exercise-1

Choose appropriate option:
Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb form:

1.  If you .....me, I will help you.
  a. help
  b. will help
  c. helps

2. If Rosy ..... clean food, her teeth will remain clean.
  a. eat
  b. will eat
  c. eats

3. If sir ..... a question to students, they will definitely give an answer.
  a. ask
  b. will ask
  c. asks

4. If she ..... me, I will keep her happy.
  a. marry
  b. will marry
  c. marries

5. If God .... you three boons, what will you do?
  a. give
  b. will give
  c. gives

6. If you .... not ...., even mother won’t serve.
  a. do....demand
  b. does .... demand
  c. will .... demand

7. If a person ....not ..... English language, he will find difficulties to get a job.
  a. do...know
  b. does .... know
  c. will ... know

8. How can you reach home if it ..... too much ?
  a. rains
  b. will rain
  c. rain

9. If you ..... sick, don’t go out.
  a. are
  b. will
  c. will be

10. If we ..... early, we can get up early too.
  a. sleeps
  b. will sleep
  c. sleep

Best luck!

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