Error Findings - 1 to 10

Find out from the sentences given below which part has mistake.

1. (A) She is go  to school (B) with her friends (C) by bus (C) at 7 o'clock daily.
2. (A) I has already sent (B)you (C)three books (D)through Anjani courier.
3. (A) Look, (B) two childrens (C) are flying kites (D) on the terrace.
4. (A) He has (B) given up (C) the bad habit of (D) smoke.
5. (A) He (B) runs (C)faster than (D) me.


Where are mistakes in the following sentences:
6. Alia Bhatt works more harder than Shraddha Kapoor. Answer
7. I amn't flying a kite now. Answer
8. News are very interesting. Answer
9. He is a s.s.c student. Answer
10. Why did you went to school on Sunday? Answer

Answers with Explanations:

Error Findings - 11 to 12

Best of Luck: 
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