7 Stars Challenge-no.12 (Prepositions)

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7 Stars Challenge no-12 (Prepositions-Blanks)
Hi dear English grammar learners,
7 blanks related to Prepositions are given below.
Try to give the answers of these blanks before you go to 'Answers'.
And see how many stars you get !!

1. Correct-1 star
2. Correct-2 stars
3. Correct-3 stars
4. Correct-4 stars
5. Correct-5 stars
6. Correct-6 stars
7. Correct-7 stars

Fill up the blanks with the most appropriate option given from the Options:
1. You can't meet the principal. He is ..... leave today.
A. on
B. in
C. over
D. under

2. ..... birds, can we fly?
A. Before
B. Like
C. As
D. Over

3. ..... whom do the people work and earn?
A. In
B. Around
C. Under
D. For
4. After six months, you can also speak in English ..... me.
A. around
B. against
C. like
D. about

5. Before sometimes, the monkey jumped .......... the river.
A. on
B. into
C. near
D. in

6. Cut this apple .......... that knife.
A. by
B. with
C. in
D. from

7. English is taught .......... Kishan sir to us very easily.
A. of
B. for
C. with
D. by

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