7 Stars Challenge-no.14-PREPOSITIONS

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  • 7 Stars Challenge no-14 (Prepositions)
  • Hi dear English grammar learners,
  • 7 blanks related to Prepositions are given below.
  • Try to give the answers of these blanks before you go to 'Answers'.
  • And see how many stars you get !!

1. Correct-1 star
2. Correct-2 stars
3. Correct-3 stars
4. Correct-4 stars
5. Correct-5 stars
6. Correct-6 stars
7. Correct-7 stars

Fill up the blanks with the most appropriate preposition from the Options:


1. My monthly income is .......... 1,000,000/- Rs.
A. down
B. below
C. under
D. from

2. Our sir teaches Maths .......... English.
A. across
B. for
C. though
D. besides

3. Please, come .......... the bathroom.
A. on
B. over
C. out of
D. against

4. I am also your friend. Would you invite me .......... your birthday celebration?
A. for
B. in
C. over
D. on

5. Some beggars are sitting there .......... the footpath.
A. in
B. under
C. across
D. from

6. Spoken English course would run .......... eight months.
A. to
B. about
C. after
D. for

7. Students, go in Angel class .......... learning English.
A. with
B. in
C. in order to
D. for


Best of Luck!
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