GSEB SSCE - English-16(E) Paper Answer Keys-2015

SSCE-10th English(16)E Paper Solution/Answer Keys

GSEB Exam: March 20th, 2015

Hello dear students,I have tried my level best to solve the Question paper of Std. 10th English Second language.Below are the answers or the keys of SSCE English(16)E held on 20th March, 2015.



1) (D) Bishamber was a stranger in Phatik's house.
2) (C) Phatik was a nuisance for her.
3)    (B) to take Phatik with him & educate him.
4)    (A) his aunt and cousins did not like him
5)    (D) made fun of
6)    (C) monsoon
7)    (D) bathe in the holy waters of the springs
8)    (C) Kanyakumari
9)    (A) every six years
10)           (B) the temple of Lord Vishnu
11)           (D) Japan
12)           (D) 30
13)           (A) stereo
14)           (C) 50,499
15)           (B) Every 51st customer will get the discount offer.
16)           (B) to cry
17)           (A) I’m strong enough to take care of myself.
18)           (D) to take hold of
19)           (B) went
20)           (A) was playing
21)           (B) began
22)           (D) was picking
23)           (C) stepped
24)           (B) determination
25)           (D) poor
26)           (A) sympathy
27)           (C) discovered
28)           (C) instrument
29)           (D) an amazing
30)           (A) When
31)           (C) who
32)           (A) so
33)           (B) not only
34)           (B) but also
35)           (D) never
36)           (C) Anyone
37)           (D) would
38)           (A) which
39)           (C) spring
40)           (D) slim
41)           (A) a lump of grass on them had a dead butterfly stuck to it.
42)           (A) To Digvijay dead butterfly was useless.
43)           (C) slowly
44)           (D) Japan
45)           (C) Kimono
46)           (B) a telephone repairman
47)           (D) scaring her brother
48)           (A) the telephone at the boy’s house
49)           (C) instant
50)           (B) he was sure that information please was hurt.



1)    indigestion-gastric problems
2)    We can’t escape the terror of noise these days because noise in all places has been increasing.
3)    Biorhythms help us by providing us the basis for choosing the best time for our actions.
4)     We should tune into our internal music because our intention is to live in harmony with nature.
5)    A person should be flexible to understand other people’s point of views because every day is a new day and if a person finds new things and ideas worthwhile, he should be ready to accept them and change own self.
6)    new things-ideas
7)    We find the mines of diamonds in Africa, Brazil and Russia.
8)    The rough diamonds are assorted on the basis of their weight, size, solidity and purity.
9)    The girl asks Janki to blow at the balls.
10)           Janki guesses that two balls will move away from each other.


15)           No man can become rich unless he works hard.
16)           The sun is too hot for us to sit outside.
17)           When the function was over, we returned home.
18)           Was the news of our country heard by you?
It was heard by me.
It couldn’t be believed by me.


21)           Lal asked Khan with request if he would read out that letter to him. Khan asked Lal who it was from. Lal replied negatively that he didn’t know and added that the postman had just given it to him.



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