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English Grammar by Angel English Academy-Jasdan

101.                      People ….. not ….. time.
a.    do-have
b.    are –have
c.    have-many
d.    are-much
Ans: a

102.                      Dhirubhai went to America  …. earning money.
a.    with a view to
b.    for
c.    in order that
d.   in order to
Ans: a

103.                      Yesterday, the terrorists made the captives …. in a queue and then shot them dead..
a.    to stand
b.    standing
c.    stand
d.   stood
Ans: c

104.                      Find the wrong sentence from below.
a.    One of the students is missing, sir.
b.    Do you know why has she left her study?
c.    He is capable enough to afford costly items.
d.   A thing of beauty is joy forever.
Ans: b

105.                      He is richer than …..
a.    me
b.    her
c.    him
d.   I
Ans: d

106.                      “We like our work.” – Which of following is appropriate passive of this sentence?
a.    We are very much liked our work
b.    Our work is liked by us.
c.    Our work are liked by us.
d.   Our work is like us.
Ans: b

107.                      We saw him ….. a tree yesterday.
a.    cutting
b.    cut
c.    to cut
d.   was cutting
Ans: a

108.                      This is the doctor ….. wife is suffering from cancer.
a.    his
b.    whose
c.    whom
d.   a
Ans: b

109.                      ….. Sagar Samrat is….. big ship.
a.    A-a
b.    A-the
c.    The-a
d.   The-the
Ans: c

110.                      Find the most similar word for ‘beg’ from given below.
a.    implore
b.    argue
c.    request
d.   bow
Ans: a

111.                      I have never gone to Japan. I know ….. people there.
a.    few
b.    a few
c.    many
d.   most of
Ans: a

112.                      A teacher and afraid of teaching!
a.    It is an exclamatory sentence.
b.    It is not good habit.
c.    It says that a teacher must be afraid of teaching.
d.   All teachers are not afraid.
Ans: a

113.                      I am a doctor ….. my wife is a nurse.
a.    when
b.    while
c.    so
d.   because
Ans: b

114.                      Divya ….. since she arrived.
a.    talks
b.    talking
c.    is talking
d.   has been talking.
Ans: d

115.                      I am a good orator, ….. ?
a.    don’t you
b.    don’t I
c.    aren’t I
d.   aren’t you
Ans: c

116.                      Ajya and Kajol are husband and wife. They both love ….. .
a.    for each other
b.    made for each other
c.    each other
d.   in each other
Ans: c

117.                      Meghna wants to speak in English but due to lack of self confidence she can’t.
Which one suits proper.
a.    Meghna is not willing at all to make conversation in English.
b.    Meghna has a lot of fear in speaking in English.
c.    Meghna doesn’t get encouragement from inside to talk in English.
d.   Meghna is good a t speaking in English.
Ans: c

118.                      Does she …..  get up early and cook for family at this old age?
a.    have to
b.    has to
c.    is
d.   had
Ans: a

119.                      Indirect of  - Gandhiji said, “Truth is god”.
a.    Gandhiji said that truth was god.
b.    Gandhiji said that truth wins at the end.
c.    Gandhiji said that truth is god.
d.   According to Gandhiji, truth is god.
Ans: c

120.                      I feel better today than yesterday. (Change the degree)
a.    I feel the best today.
b.    I didn’t feel better today than yesterday.
c.    Yesterday didn’t feel so well as than today.
d.   I didn’t feel so well yesterday as today.
Ans: d

121.                      Find out the correct spelling.
a.    untill
b.    psyckology
c.    colonel
d.   Infinative
Ans: c

122.                      I don’t agree …. your proposal.
a.    with
b.    for
c.    to
d.   in
Ans: c

123.                      “No, not now.” – The question must be-
a.    What are you doing now?
b.    Where are you going now?
c.    May I call you?
d.   How are you?
Ans: c

124.                      ….. it stopped raining when we started our journey.
a.    As soon as
b.    Hardly had
c.    No sooner did
d.   Nevertheless
Ans: b

125.                      Find the in correct part of the sentence.
One of the most / widely spread / bad habit is / the use of tobacco.
a.    One of the most
b.    widely spread
c.    bad habit is
d.   the use of tobacco
Ans: c

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126.   ….. a doctor …. in time, the patient can be saved.
a.       Had-arrived
b.      If-arrives
c.       Do-arrive
d.      Will-arrive
Ans: b

127.   ….. alphabets are readable in your book.
a.       A little
b.      A few
c.       Much
d.      How many
Ans: b

128.   ….. answers were given by you.
a.       Much
b.      Oldest
c.       A little
d.      A few
Ans: d

129.   ….. are you doing now?
a.       When
b.      What
c.       Who
d.      Whose
Ans: b

130.   ….. birds, can we fly?
a.       Before
b.      Like
c.       As
d.      Without
Ans: b

131.   ….. breakfast is in tin, go and take it.
a.       A little
b.      A few
c.       Very
d.      Many
Ans: a

132.   ….. clever you are, you can’t solve this puzzle.
a.       Very
b.      However
c.       Even if
d.      Since
Ans: b

133.   ….. know computer operating among us.
a.       A little
b.      Jayesh
c.       A few
d.      One of
Ans: c

134.   ….. does sir ask a question than clever students give an answer.
a.       When
b.      Hardly had
c.       As soon as
d.      No sooner
Ans: d

135.   ….. dogs can make friendship with cats.
a.       few
b.      a few
c.       little
d.      a little
Ans: a

136.   ….. dogs seldom bite.
a.       Barking
b.      To bark
c.       Bark
d.      Barked
Ans: a

137.   ….. Gandhiji ….. in Rajkot?
a.       When studied
b.      Did study
c.       Was study
d.      Does studied
Ans: b

138.   ….. god bless you!
a.       How
b.      May be
c.       May
d.      How
Ans: c

139.   ….. goods
a.       A little
b.      A few
c.       Many
d.      Several
Ans: a

140.   ….. he complains, the police will take action.
a.       If
b.      Unless
c.       When
d.      No sooner did
Ans: a

141.   He has been seriously injured. There is ….. hope for his survival.
a.       a little
b.      a few
c.       little
d.      few
Ans: c

142.   ….. I come in, sir?
a.       Should
b.      May be
c.       May
d.      How
Ans: C

143.   ….. I were the richest person of the world!
a.       If
b.      Unless
c.       When
d.      Not any
Ans: a

144.   ….. is very a regular class, sir.
a.       My
b.      Mines
c.       Your
d.      Ours
Ans: d

145.   ….. know about where the soul goes after the death.
a.       Few
b.      A few
c.       Little
d.      A little
Ans: a

146.   Have ….. love for animals.
a.       lots off
b.      a little
c.       a few
d.      many
Ans: b

147.   Give me ….. mango juice.
a.       boiled
b.      a few
c.       500
d.      a little
Ans: d

148.   There are ….. mangoes in a fridge. You can take any of them.
a.       much
b.      12 litre
c.       a little
d.      a few

149.   I have ….. money. I will hire a rickshaw.
a.       a little
b.      a few
c.       many
d.      100

150.   ….. Nensi ever …. you?
a.       Has beaten
b.      Do beats
c.       Is beaten
d.      When beats

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151. ….. off the light, I went to bed.
a.    Before
b.    Switched
c.    Having switched
d.    Switching
Ans: c

152. They are ….. brothers but neither of them takes care of their parents.
a.    two
b.    few
c.    many
d.    some
Ans: a

153. Very ….. rivers in India are as long as the Narmada.
a.    little
b.    few
c.    most other
d.    many
Ans: b

154. He has lost ….. of rupees in gambling. Now, he lives like a beggar.
a.    a little
b.    a few
c.    a thousand
d.    All

155. ….. Salman had married in time, his kids would have been adult till now.
a.    If
b.    Unless
c.    When
d.    Hardly
Ans: a

156. ….. she ….. away yesterday?
a.    Why ran
b.    Did run
c.    Where running
d.    Was run
Ans: b

157. ….. sir asks a question, even we won’t answer.
a.    Hardly
b.    If
c.    Unless
d.    When
Ans: c

158. ….. water was in a jug so a crow survived.
a.    a little
b.    a few
c.    many
d.    little
Ans: a

159. ….. we …. without water?
a.    Can living
b.    Can live
c.    Can be
d.    Can be lived
Ans: b

160. ….. we do exercise, we will remain healthy.
a.    More
b.    If
c.    Unless
d.    When
Ans: b

161. ….. whom do the people work and earn?
a.    In
b.    For
c.    Around
d.    Why
Ans: b

162. ….. work has been done yet. What about remaining work?
a.    A little
b.    A few
c.    much
d.    Most of
Ans: a

163. ….. you ….. your kids?
a.    Do love
b.    How loving
c.    How much loved
d.    Are love
Ans: a

164. ….. ‘you’ a noun or a pronoun?
a.    Do
b.    Have
c.    Are
d.    Is
Ans: d

165. ….. you read, you cannot pass.
a.    If
b.    Till
c.    Unless
d.    When
Ans: c

166. ….. you were the creator of the world!
a.    If
b.    Unless
c.    When
d.    Did
Ans: a

167. ….. you ….. ‘English in Ten days’ in the morning?
a.    Did got
b.    Will get
c.    Do get
d.    Did get
Ans: d

168.      ….. you ….. up the form for next exam?
a.     How fill
b.    Did filled
c.    Will fill
d.    When will
Ans: c

169. ….. you….. long!
a.    May live
b.    Can live
c.    May be live
d.    How lived
Ans: a

170. 10,000 visitors ….. last week.
a.    were visit
b.    did visit
c.    visited
d.     visitted
Ans: c

171. 400 videos ... already ... by Angel for English on YouTube.
a.    are uploaded
b.    have uploaded
c.    are been uploaded
d.    have been uploaded
Ans: d

172. 5,000 students had appeared in the exam. ..… students could get through.
a.    Few
b.    A few
c.    Little
d.    A little
Ans: b

173. A festival of kites ….. very famous in India.
a.    has
b.    is
c.    are
d.    does
Ans: b

174. A monkey ….. a long tail.
a.    have
b.    does
c.    has
d.    is
Ans: c

175. A policeman asked a girl what ... name was.
a.    she
b.    hers
c.    herself
d.    her
Ans: d

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176. I ….. with guests when you called me.
a.    discussed
b.    am discussing
c.    was discussing
d.    was being discussed
Ans: c

177. Students ..... for English Grammar as their exam is very near.
a.    are prepared
b.    are being prepared
c.    are preparing
d.    will be prepare
Ans: C

178. A baby ..... not ..... sandwich at this time yesterday.
a.    was not eating
b.    was eating
c.    was ate
d.    was being eatten
Ans: b

179. Look, ..... these passengers ..... for a bus?
a.    are waiting
b.    are waitting
c.    are being wait
d.    waiting
Ans: a

180. Gifts ..... among the students now.
a.    are distributing
b.    were distributing
c.    are being distributted
d.    are being distributed
Ans: d

181. Kishan sir ..... English at this moment.
a.    is teach
b.    does teaching
c.    is teaching
d.    teaches
Ans: c

182. At this time on next Sunday, you ..... travelling by plane to the moon.
a.    are
b.    were
c.    will be
d.    will being
Ans: c

183. My husband with his colleagues ..... golf now.
a.    are play
b.    are being play
c.    is playing
d.    are playing
Ans: c

184. It’s not raining so we ..... not ..... an umbrella.
a.    were using
b.    are using
c.    are not using
d.    will be use
Ans: b

185. He was too much busy as he was ..... his home work
a.    was doing
b.    doing
c.    was being done
d.    did
Ans: a

186. Be quiet. A new song ..... .
a.    is sung
b.    is singing
c.    was sung
d.    is being sung
Ans: d

187. We ..... to the cinema tonight. We have a lot of work to finish.
a.    are going
b.    will b going
c.    were going
d.    are not going
Ans: d

188. It’s 8:30 o’clock now. His paper starts at 9. He ..... answers at 9:30
a.    is writing
b.    was writing
c.    will write
d.    will be writing
Ans: d

189. ..... we be ..... trouble without water in future?
a.    Will be facing
b.    Won’t facing
c.    Will facing
d.    Won’t being faced
Ans: c

190. Sir asked me if I .... mischief in the class.
a.    am making
b.    is being made
c.    was made
d.    was making
Ans: d

191. Plants .... by the gardener, see.
a.    are being watered
b.    are watering
c.    are being watering
d.    are watered
Ans: a

192. The swimming pool ..... at 9 o’clock yesterday.
a.    was repairing
b.    was being repaired
c.    was repaired
d.    repaired
Ans: b

193. Look! That man ..... to open the door of your car.
a.    tries
b.    has been trying
c.    tried
d.    is trying
Ans: d

194. The river ..... very fast after this rain stops.
a.    flows
b.    will be flowing
c.    is flowing
d.    has flowed
Ans: b

195. There must be something wrong with Umag’s car as he ..... to his office by bus.
a.    is go
b.    is gone
c.    will go
d.    is going
Ans: d

196. My father is a farmer but yours ..... an advocate.
a.    am
b.    is
c.    are
d.    does
Ans: b

197. I am in ..... hostel now.
a.    boy’s
b.    boys
c.    boys’
d.    boys’s
Ans: c

198. They are very clever but ..... class teacher isn’t so much
a.    they
b.    their
c.    them
d.    theirs
Ans: b

199. This is my mobile, where is ..... ?
a.    yours
b.    your’s
c.    your
d.    your’re
Ans: a

200. Ours ..... very regular class.
a.    are
b.    is
c.    doesn’t
d.    have
Ans: b

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