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English Grammar by Angel English Academy-Jasdan

1.                  This is Babubhai. He's _____ doctor.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
Ans: a

2.                  Divyang is ____ engineer.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
Ans: b

3.                  Kirtika is ….. M.A. student.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
Ans: b

4.                  Give me a glass of …. water.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
Ans: d

5.                  Mount Everest is  …. highest peak.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
Ans: c

6.                  A wife shouted ….. at him.
a. anger
b. angry
c. angrily
d. angerful
Ans: c

7.                  Mayank is a ….. boy. He doesn’t do his any work systematically.
a. careless
b. care
c. careful
d. carelessly
Ans: a

8.                  If you do your work ….. , you will be awarded.
a. nicely
b. nice
c. niceful
d. nicefully
Ans: a

9.                  Hetsi is talking with Nisarg as she has fallen in love with ….. .
a. he
b. him
c. her
d. his
Ans: b

10.              Meera is talking very slowly. We can’t listen ….. voice clearly.
a. she’s
b. hers
c. her
d. herself
Ans: c

11.              He had the …. experience last night.
a. bad
b. more bad
c. worst
d. worse
Ans: c

12.              Mom, I can’t find my glasses, have you seen ….. ?
a. they
b. there
c. them
d. it
Ans: c

13.              ….. your  son like to play kabddi?
a. Does
b. Do
c. Is
d. Are
Ans: a

14.              I ….. not teach maths.
a. has
b. am
c. do
d. does
Ans: c

15.              Pintu is too much upset today as he has a lot of home work and he ….. like to do home work.
a. doesn’t
b. don’t
c. isn’t
d. hasn’t
Ans: a

16.              Although it contains many difficult words, I ….. read this books now.
a. can
b. could
c. may
d. might
Ans: a
17.              How often do you play cricket?
a. On Tuesday.
b. For two hours.
c. Almost every day.
d. With your brother.
Ans: c

18.              Where should we take lunch today?
a. Dal-Dhikla.
b. With guests.
c. at 12:00 pm
d. In restaurant
Ans: d

19.              How long did Jhanvi study last night?
a. with her friend.
b. in her room.
c. Maths and Science
d. for three hours.
Ans: d

20.              Nensi, can you put ….. with your mother in low?
a. in
b. on
c. down
d. up
Ans: d

21.              Shall we go ….. with new project?
a. in
b. on
c. for
d. up
Ans: b

22.              Do you think this is something ….. can be learned?
a. who
b. that
c. how
d. what
Ans: b

23.              Dax, don’t go out ….. you have finished your work.
a. as
b. while
c. when
d. until
Ans: d

24.              Make sure you close all the windows ….. it starts to rain.
a. after
b. before
c. if
d. for
Ans: b

25.              Mr.X ….. at the University since 1990.
a. has been teaching
b. has been taught
c. is teaching
d. was teaching
Ans: a

26.              Dhara, “I love chocolate.” Montu, “Dhara said that she ….. chocolate.”
a. loved
b. loves
c. loving
d. love
Ans: a

27.              A boy said to a girl, “I went skiing.”
a. A boys asked a girl that he wanted skiing.
b. A boys told a girl that he wanted skiing.
c. A boy told a girl that he had gone skiing.
d. A boy told a girl that she had gone skiing.
Ans: c

28.              Mr. Kalam was from South, ….. ?
a. has he
b. was he
c. wasn’t he
d. didn’t Kalam
Ans: c

29.              The laptop isn’t on the table,….. ?
a. where it
b. is it
c. has
d. isn’t the laptop
Ans: b

30.              The woodcutter cut a tree, ….. ?
a. did he
b. didn’t he
c. does he
d. doesn’t he
Ans: b

31.              There is ….. petrol in a tank today than yesterday.
a. a little
b. less
c. lesser
d. much
Ans: b
32.              Nothing ….. about the incident since that time.
a. has said
b. was said
c. has been said
d. told
Ans: c

33.              A new book ….. by Angel Institute next year.
a. will publish
b. will being published
c. will be published
d. will has been published
Ans: c

34.              I think I know ….. she left the job.
a. where
b. if
c. why
d. until
Ans: c

35.              ….. I had known address, I would have come to meet you.
a. Whether
b. However
c. When
d. If
Ans: d

36.              Get into the car ….. you see me.
a. while
b. as soon as
c. unless
d. so
Ans: b

37.              We plan to arrange a test ….. next Monday.
a. during
b. on
c. at
d. for
Ans: b

38.              What kind of books do you read?
a. Yes, I regularly read.
b. I read motivational books.
c. Many kinds of books are here to read.
d. Two hours daily.
Ans: b

39.              I …. understand why you won’t let me.
a. couldn’t
b. must
c. can’t
d. shouldn’t
Ans: c

40.              Dimpal doesn’t like ice-cream, but her kids ….. .
a. do
b. don’t
c. does
d. doesn’t
Ans: a

41.              This class belongs to me, it’s ….. .
a. mine
b. my
c. your
d. am
Ans: a

42.              He ate his dinner very ….. .
a. quickly
b. quick
c. useful
d. much
Ans: a

43.              Most of basketball players are 6 ….. tall or more.
a. foots
b. feets
c. feet
d. foot
Ans: c

44.              Please speak ….. little louder
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
Ans: a

45.              May I get your ….. cell number please?
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. no article
Ans: d

46.              There were many ….. in this farm yesterday.
a. ships
b. sheeps
c. sheep
d. sheaps
Ans: c

47.              She decided to live by ….. alone in a city.
a. her
b. herself
c. now
d. a week
Ans: b

48.              If you happen to see my parents there, give ….. my best regards.
a. then
b. them
c. hers
d. theirs
Ans: b

49.              He should be ashamed of ….. .
a. he
b. himself
c. his
d. him
Ans: b

50.              The king remembers …… the Queen in a fair.
a. meet
b. to meet
c. meeting
d. to meeting
Ans: c
51.              You speak so ….. that I can’t understand properly
a.                  fast
b.                  fastly
c.                   slow
d.                  nice
Ans: a
52.              He has taken my ….. car.
a.                  a
b.                  an
c.                   the
d.                  no article
Ans: d

53.              Shraddha is a singer. She sings ….. .
a.                  beautiful
b.                  beautifully
c.                   beauty
d.                  beautifulness
Ans: b
54.              “What are you going to do with these old papers?”
a.                  I am going to recycle them.
b.                  I am going to reuse they.
c.                   I am going to burn themself.
d.                  I am going to throw it.
Ans: a
55.              We ….. already ….. our lunch when the guests arrived.
a.                  had-took
b.                  have-taken
c.                   had taken
d.                  did-take
Ans: c
56.              The Olympic Games ….. every four years.
a.                  are holding
b.                  are held
c.                   are helded
d.                  hold
Ans: b
57.              ….. you go really? You only arrived an hour ago!
a.                  Should
b.                  Must
c.                   Can
d.                  How
Ans: b
58.              What is your busiest day of the week?
a.                  In the morning
b.                  Every day
c.                   Tuesday
d.                  Last week
Ans: C
59.              How do we spell ‘god’ ?
a.                  Never
b.                  G-O-D
c.                   God is always  kind
d.                  We also believe in ‘god’
Ans: b
60.              The bride was dressed ….. white ….. head ….. foot.
a.                  with-from-to
b.                  in-from-to
c.                   with-to-from
d.                  in-on-below
Ans: b
61.              My friend Ganesha, ….. lives in heaven, has a mouse as a vehicle.
a.                  whose
b.                  who
c.                   that
d.                  he
Ans: b
62.              You are ….. a nice person ….. everybody likes to be your friend.
a.                  such…as
b.                  such…that
c.                   same….as
d.                  so…that
Ans: b
63.              The truck driver ….. responsible for the accident.
a.                  was holding
b.                  was held
c.                   declared
d.                  had
Ans: b
64.              Write only three answer, ….. ?
a.                  don’t you
b.                  won’t you
c.                   will you
d.                  do you
Ans: b
65.              No one can help you, ….. ?
a.                  can he
b.                  can she
c.                   can they
d.                  can’t you
Ans: c
66.              “Please, give me some eatables,” said a beggar to me.
a.                  A beggar requested me that give him some eatables.
b.                  A beggar requested me to gave him some eatables.
c.                   A beggar requested me that gave some eatables.
d.                  A beggar requested me to give him some eatables.
Ans: d
67.              ..... more you earn, …..more you can spend.
a.                  As-as
b.                  The-the
c.                   If-than
d.                  So-as
Ans: b
68.              Let’s go to see ‘Bahubali’
a.                  I have seen it already.
b.                  I am seeing now.
c.                   I saw it already.
d.                  I would like it.
Ans: a
69.              Have you ever met Tom Cruise?
No, I have never met ….. .
a.                  It
b.                  him
c.                   them
d.                  her
Ans: b
70.              ..... he invited me, I would have attended his birthday party.
a.                  Hardly had
b.                  Had
c.                   Had better
d.                  If
Ans: b
71.              The athletes who ….. the games are called competitors.
a.                  enter
b.                  entered
c.                   while entering
d.                  are
Ans: a
72.              When you were young, ….. you climb a tree ?
a.                  did
b.                  could
c.                   how
d.                  should
Ans: b
73.              They are two brothers, but ….. of them is hardworking.
a.                  none
b.                  either
c.                   neither
d.                  every
Ans: c
74.              He has no girl friends.
Here ‘girl’ is used as …..
a.                  common noun
b.                  singular number
c.                   an adjective
d.                  female
Ans: c
75.              Wings of Fire ….. an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam.
a.                  are
b.                  is
c.                   has
d.                  was
Ans: b

76.              …. I use your cell phone as I have forgotten mine?
a.                   May
b.                  Should
c.                   Would
d.                  Do
Ans: a
77.              Divya ….. Dimple if she could take her scooty.
a.                   told
b.                  helped
c.                   sent
d.                  asked
Ans: d
78.              We ….. our home work just now.
a.                   are finished
b.                  have finished
c.                   had finished
d.                  are finishing
Ans: b
79.              There ….. many children on the playground yesterday.
a.                   are
b.                  were
c.                   did
d.                  playing
Ans: b
80.              ‘To arrive’ means …..
a.                   to go
b.                  to come
c.                   to see
d.                  to arrest
Ans: b
81.              Next week, she is going to Surat with a view to …..  a seminar.
a.                   will attend
b.                  attend
c.                   attends
d.                  attending
Ans: d
82.              Listen, someone ….. a song.
a.                   is singing
b.                  sings
c.                   singing
d.                  will
Ans: a
83.              He has killed his own father. He is in jail because of ….. .
a.                   father’s death
b.                  homicide
c.                   suicide
d.                  patricide
Ans: d
84.              A mosquito is flying ….. your head.
a.                   inside
b.                  outside
c.                   over
d.                  on
Ans: c
85.              Plural form of ‘deer’ is …..
a.                   deer
b.                  deeres
c.                   deers
d.                  dear
Ans: a
86.              People are mad ….. money
a.                   over
b.                  after
c.                   in
d.                  with
Ans: b
87.              One who has no parents is called …..
a.                   orphan
b.                  abundant
c.                   lucky
d.                  careless
Ans: a

88.              This is the hotel ….. I had stayed last night.
a.                   which
b.                  that
c.                   where
d.                  costly
Ans: c
89.              Find out the wrong spelling.
a.                   communication
b.                  pention
c.                   cassette
d.                  Independent
Ans: b
90.              The scientific study of the human mind and behaviour is called …..
a.                   Astrology
b.                  Biology
c.                   Pathology
d.                  Psychology
Ans: d
91.              Find the odd word.
a.                   a dog
b.                  an ox
c.                   a cow
d.                  a parrot
Ans: d

92.              I think that sign means we ….. enter the building. Look, there is a security guard too.
a.                   mustn’t
b.                  have to
c.                   will
d.                  don’t
Ans: a
93.              ….. a wonderful picture it is?
a.                   How
b.                  What
c.                   So
d.                  Very
Ans: b
94.              Don’t chew panmasala, ….. ?
a.                   will you
b.                  should you
c.                   are you
d.                  never you
Ans: a

95.              ….. me, you should read English newspapers daily.
a.                   Because of
b.                  Inspite of
c.                   According to
d.                  Though
Ans: a
96.              Superlative form of adjective ‘popular’ is …..
a.                   popularity
b.                  popularest
c.                   most popular
d.                  the most
Ans: c
97.              Antonyms of ‘Qualify’.
a.                   Imqualify
b.                  Misqualify
c.                   Disqualify
d.                  Unqualify
Ans: c
98.              I always get up early. Here, what part of speech ‘get up’ is …..
a.                   an adjective
b.                  a verb
c.                   a preposition
d.                  Simple Present Tense
Ans: b
99.              My wife is a good cook.
a.                   I am agree with you
b.                  I agree with you
c.                   I am agree to you
d.                  I agree to you
Ans: b
100.          Why do you travel by ….. bus?
a.                   a
b.                  an
c.                   the
d.                  no article
Ans: d

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