Binsachivalay & Office Assistant English MCQs 301 to 400

Binsachivalay & Office Assistant

English Grammar by Angel English Academy-Jasdan

301.      A blacksmith uses……….
A. drill  
B. plane
C. trowel                                                                              
D. bellows
Ans: D

302.      What ………. the girls playing at noon yesterday?
A. was
B. were
C. had 
D. had being
Ans: B

303.      The two brother generally wear….. clothes.
A.              their
B.              one another’s
C.              each other
D.              each other’s
Ans: D

304.      He just cannot sleep. He spent………. lying awake in the bed.
A. all of the night                                                               
B. all night
C. hole night                                                                      
D. whole night
Ans: D

305.      Put a proper word.
The cat jumped………. the table.
A. over 
B. above
C. on    
D. upon
Ans: D

306.      Opposite of ‘Stale’ in meaning is ……
A. Fresh                                                                              
B. Old
C. Steal                                                                               
D. Stalk
Ans: A

307.      “……. feels thirsty? ”  “Jiya.”
A. Who
B. Whose
C. Which                                                                             
D. Where
Ans: A

308.      I put …….my hat when I come home.
A. to     
B. with
C. up    
D. off
Ans: D

309.      Why …..going to the party?
A. didn’t David                                                                   
B. isn’t David
C. David not                                                                       
D. David isn’t
Ans: B

310.      Follow the principle, “Do it………. .”
A. himself                                                                            
B. yourself
C. themselves                                                                    
D. my self
Ans: B

311.      ………… did the family members go yesterday?
A. Why
B. where
C. When                                                                              
D. Whose
Ans: B

312.      Choose the correct pronoun for underlined part.
The farmers are going to their farms.  
A. Them                                                                               
B. We
C. They                                                                                
D. You
Ans: C

313.      …….. a telephone call, the driver  turned up for extra duty.
A. having got                                                                      
B. being got
C. having been got                                                           
D. had got
Ans: A

314.      Select the correct full form of: ‘CV’ (Used for one’s professional bio-data)
A. Curriculum vitae                                                           
B. Curriculum vision
C. Company vitae                                                              
D. Company vision
Ans: A

315.      You…… permission of your parents before taking this important decision.
A. should have taked                                                        
B. should have taken
C. should took                                                                    
D. should have took
Ans: B

316.      The ancient Indians were clever and generous.- make exclamatory.
A. How clever and generous were the ancient Indians!
B. How clever and generous the ancient Indians were!
C. How clever ancient Indians were clever and generous!
D. what a clever and generous the ancient Indians!
Ans: B

317.      Choose the word with correct spelling.
A. Recomendation                                                            
B. Recommendation
C. Reccomendation                                                          
D. Reccommendation
Ans: B

318.      The dog is playing with………. tail.
A. it       
B. his
C. her  
D. its
Ans: D

319.      Mr. Bajpai spoke in…….. a way that all were surprised.
A. the same                                                                        
B. which
C. such
D. none
Ans: C

320.      Give the meaning of the idiom “break out”.
A. To break down                                                              
B. The break failure
C. To cut down                                                                   
D. To err up suddenly
Ans: D

321.      The husband and wife stood………. each other as they shook hands with the guests.
A. beside                                                                             
B. with
C. at     
D. besides
Ans: A

322.      Do you think David Beckham is….. English football player?
A. best 
B. as best
C. better                                                                               
D. the best
Ans: D 

323.      Find out ‘Adverb’ from the following options.
A. good
B. honestly
C. other                                                                               
D. people
Ans: B

324.      Would you…… the window?
A. close                                                                               
B. to close
C. closed                                                                             
D. closing
Ans: A

325.      ……..sun shines very brightly in summer.
A. An   
B. A
C. The 
D. That
Ans: C

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326.      Which spelling from below is right?
A. meintenence                                                                 
B. maintenance
C. meintananse                                                                 
D. maitanance
Ans: B

327.      The word ‘approve’ is opposite in meaning to……
A. return                                                                              
B. confirm
C. reject                                                                               
D. accept
Ans: C

328.      No, I don’t have the details …… (ready at hand immediately available), but you can look it up the internet.
A. in my shoes                                                                   
B. behind the scenes
C. at my door steps                                                            
D. at my fingertips
Ans: D

329.      Susan sits ………. the tree.
A. under                                                                              
B. up
C. her  
D. she
Ans: A

330.      Mrs Smith is not pleased…. the new servant.
A. with 
B. of
C. at     
D. on
Ans: A

331.      The police made him…. his crime.
A. confess                                                                           
B. confessed
C. confesses                                                                      
D. to confess
Ans: A

332.      You and I are doing our work,…….?
A. aren’t we                                                                        
B. aren’t you
C. are we                                                                             
D. aren’t I
Ans: A

333.      Shraddha…. since afternoon.
A. was working                                                                  
B. works
C. is working                                                                      
D. has been working
Ans: D

334.      ….. the girls was selected for national scholarship.
A. Some of                                                                          
B. All of
C. One of                                                                            
D. Many of
Ans: C

335.      A life history of a person written by himself is …...
A. biography                                                                       
B. autobiography
C. geography                                                                     
D. biolife
Ans: B

336.      Find out the wrong pair.
A. man- men                                                                       
B. photo- photoes
C. foot- feet                                                                         
D. mouse- mice
Ans: B

337.      We shall /go out /  if it does not rains. / No Error.
(A)           (B)                    (C)                     (D)
Ans: C

338.      Spoken or done without preparation
A. verbation                                                                        
B. verbose
C. extempore                                                                      
D. amateur
Ans: D

339.      If she had worked had, she…….  in the election. (will+ elect)
A. will elect                                                                         
B. will be elected
C. would have been elected                                           
D. would have elected
Ans: C

340.      The teacher made the naughty boy……..
A. Tiptoed                                                                            
B. Tipoeing
C. Tiptoe                                                                              
D. To tiptoes
Ans: C

341.      Give synonym of “ascend”
A. Mountion                                                                        
B. Climb
C. Hill
D. None
Ans: B

342.      There ……. a lot of people at our party yesterday.
A. were
B. was
C. am   
D. is
Ans: A

343.      ……….  you read, the more you will learn.
A. The Most                                                                        
B. The more
C. The lesser                                                                      
D. The less
Ans: B

344.      Don’t go too …….. the edge.
A. up    
B. on
C. with 
D. near
Ans: D

345.      _____ I was tired I managed to finish the work.
Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks.
A. Although                                                                        
B. But
C. Yet  
D. Still
Ans: A

346.      Neither of the biscuits you gave me…….. chocolate chips.
A. is contain                                                                       
B. are contained
C. contain                                                                           
D. contains
Ans: D

347.      Param siad to Vandana, “Are you willing?” Turn into Indirect narration.
A. Param asked Vandana whether was she willing   
B. Param told Vandana whether was she willing
C. Param aske Vandana if she was willing?               
D. Param asked Vandana if she was willing.
Ans: D

348.      ……….  to the White Rann of Kuchch recently?
A. Have you ever been                                                     
B. Are you ever
C. Have you ever                                                               
D. Did you ever have
Ans: A

349.      વાક્યની ખાલી જગ્યા માટે યોગ્ય વિકલ્પ શોધો.
Kaushikbhai……… a grain merchant.
A. am   
B. is
C. are   
D. were
Ans: B

350.      Find the adjective in the following sentence.
The sweet apple was purchased by my father.
A. apple                                                                               
B. sweet
C. my   
D. purchased
Ans: B

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351.      Run fast ……get your ticket.
A. but   
B. as
C. otherwise                                                                       
D. and
Ans: A

352.      Which of the following sentences is correct?
A. Rahim and I playing chess.                                        
B. I and Rahim is playing
C. Rahim and I was plying chess.                                  
D. Rahim and I are plying chess.
Ans: D

353.      Choose the correct option to fill in the blank.
She did not sing so …… as her friend.
A. good
B. better
C. best 
D. well
Ans: D

354.      The  prime Minister dedicated…….. INS Vikramadity to the nation.
A. a      
B. the
C. an    
D. none
Ans: B

355.      Which of the following pairs stands for synonyms?
A. memory - brain                                                              
B. tolerate – forget
C. maverick – unconventional                                        
D. tea – cup
Ans: C

356.      Shall I not ….by you?
A. help 
B. being helped
C. be helped                                                                       
D. None of the above
Ans: C

357.      Find out the correct plural of “Wolf”
A. wolfs                                                                               
B. wolves
C. wolfes                                                                             
D. wolfess
Ans: B

358.      Do you  know the….. of your religion?
A. prinsipal                                                                         
B. principal
C. prinsiple                                                                         
D. principle
Ans: D

359.      The driver……… not control the bus, therefore the accident took place.
A. could                                                                               
B. had
C. would                                                                              
D. can
Ans: A

360.      ……….. we go, the thinner the air becomes.
A. The longer                                                                     
B. the high
C. The deeper                                                                    
D. The higher
Ans: D

361.      There is a fence ………. the pool.
A. on    
B. at
C. in     
D. around
Ans: D

362.      My uncle died ………. the war.
A. during                                                                             
B. with
C. at     
D. for
Ans: A

363.      How nicely the vegetables…….in that shop!
A. arranging                                                                       
B. were arranged
C. arranged                                                                        
D. arrange
Ans: B

364.      How……. your last question paper…….?
A. did.. attempt                                                                   
B. is… attempted
C. had.. attempted                                                             
D. was …attempted
Ans: D

365.      Attempts are necessary for success,……… ?
A. are they                                                                          
B. aren’t it
C. are it
D. aren’t they
Ans: D

366.      The person…… talks too much is seldom respected.
A. whom                                                                              
B. who
C. whose                                                                             
D. None of above
Ans: B

367.      By the end of summer, you….. your higher secondary examination.
A. will pass                                                                         
B. will be passed
C. will be passing                                                              
D. will have passed
Ans: D

368.      What is the meaning of “hearth” ?
A. health                                                                             
B. heart
C. fire place                                                                        
D. speech
Ans: C

369.      Where………. your books?
A. are   
B. is
C. was
D. am
Ans: A

370.      Make verb of the word ‘Central’.
A. Descentral                                                                     
B. Centran
C. Centrally
D. Centralize
Ans: D

371.      Synonym of “Donkey”
A. Wolf
B. Ass
C. Insect                                                                              
D. Hump
Ans: B

372.      I want to learn French language from the person …….is experienced.
A. what
B. which
C. who 
D. all the three
Ans: C

373.      I am going to buy some vegetables.-add question tag.
A.  amn’t I                                                         
 B. am I
C.  do I 
D.  ain’t I
Ans: D

374.      The phrase ‘to gulp down ‘means….
A. to swallow eagerly                                                        
B. to eat fast
C. to move quickly                                                             
D. to jump over
Ans: A

375.      Only the brave …..the fair.
A. deserving                                                                       
B. deserves
C. deserve                                                                          
D. none
Ans: C

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376.      He is ….. union leader
A. a      
B. an
C. the   
D. article not required
Ans: C

377.      It is shady……. the tree.
A. below                                                                              
B. beneath
C. under                                                                              
D. none of three
Ans: C

378.      Kumar is ….. B.A. of the M.S. University.
A. an    
B. a
C. the   
D. few
Ans: B

379.      At present, she is not going …….. library.
A. to     
B. at
C. on    
D. up
Ans: A

380.      ……… dogs seldom bite.
A. Barks                                                                               
B. Bark
C. Barked                                                                            
D. Barking
Ans: D

381.      Walk fast ….. you will miss the bus.
A. but   
B. and
C. otherwise                                                                       
D. so
Ans: C

382.      My parents ….. at 5:30 a.m daily.
A. got-up                                                                             
B. get up
C. gets up                                                                           
D. is get up
Ans: B

383.      Tomorrow my bicycle……… by any one.
A. is stoles                                                                          
B. stolen
C. was stolen                                                                     
D. will be stolen
Ans: D

384.      Where……….. they ……. tomorrow?
A. shall + go                                                                       
B. will + go
C. do + go                                                                           
D. did + go
Ans: B

385.       “………boys are there?” there are two boys.”
A. How much                                                                     
B. How many
C. why 
D. Which
Ans: B

386.      What time did you arrive…… the station?
A. in     
B. by
C. on    
D. at
Ans: D

387.      ……honest Indian soldiers are, a few can be bribed
A. Though                                                                           
B. As
C. However                                                                         
D. If
Ans: C

388.      China has…… people than Canada.
A. few  
B. fewer
C. some                                                                               
D. more
Ans: D

389.      Find correct spelling
A. buckey                                                                            
B. bouquet
C. booket                                                                             
D. bouquet
Ans: D

390.      A person’s life history written by some other person.
A. biography                                                                       
B. autobiography
C. geography                                                                     
D. biolife
Ans: A

391.      The explosion that….. the bus killed twelve people.
A. wrecked                                                                          
B. deflated
C. stalled                                                                             
D. hindered
Ans: A

392.      Opposite of ‘Professional’ is …..
A. Amateur                                                                          
B. Tradesman
C. Labour                                                                            
D. Customer
Ans: A

393.      Did there bus come on time?
A. their’s                                                                              
B. theirs
C. their
D. None of three
Ans: C

394.      A cure for all diseases
A. laxative                                                                           
B. panacea
C. antidote                                                                          
D. purgative
Ans: B

395.      The little girl with her flawless performance stole the show.
A. Stole something from the show                                 
B. Won everybody’s praise
C. Crept into the show                                                      
D. Disappeared from the show
Ans: B

396.      The thief was on good terms with the police:
A. Kept terms and conditions                                          
B. Was friend
C. Followed the them                                                       
D. Agreed with them
Ans: B

397.      Sachin did not play so ………. as Saurav did.
A. well 
B. good
C. better                                                                               
D. best
Ans: A

398.      The two brothers generally wear ……. clothes.
A. one others                                                                      
B. each other
C. one another’s                                                                
D. each other’s
Ans: D

399.      The abstract noun of ‘young’ is ………
A. Youngster                                                                      
B. Youth
C. Younger                                                                         
D. Younker
Ans: B

400.      Traffic ……… by the school-boys now.
A. is being controlled                                                        
B. is controlled
C. is controlling                                                                  
D. controlled
Ans: A

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