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English Grammar by Angel English Academy-Jasdan

401.      Translate the following sentence in to English :
તમારે તમારું વચન પાળવું જોઈએ
A. You must keep your promise                                      
B. You keep your promises.
C. you will keep promises                                                
D. You must your promise
Ans: A

402.      ‘.’  is Called…… .
A. comma                                                                            
B. colon
C. semicolon                                                                      
D. inverted comma
Ans: D

403.      Antonyms of REWARD:
A. Demotion                                                                       
B. Fortitude
C. Penalty                                                                           
D. Retribution
Ans: C

404.      He was accustomed…….. chewing Tulsi leaves even when he delivered the lecture.
A. of     
B. about
C. at     
D. to
Ans: D

405.      Kalidas is …..Shakespeare of India.
A. No article                                                                        
B. a
C. an    
D. the
Ans: D
406.      No sooner did I open the door….. the cat ran away.
A. as    
B. when
C. than
D. so that
Ans: C

407.      Tell me … have put my hat.
A. which                                                                              
B. what
C. where                                                                             
D. whom
Ans: C

408.      One who dies for noble cause.
A. martyr                                                                              
B. gladiator
C. warrior                                                                            
D. murdered
Ans: A

409.      That child died….. heavy fever.
A. at     
B. with
C. of     
D. from
Ans: C

410.      My mother asked me when …..have a glass of milk.
A. I will 
B. I shall
C. I would                                                                            
D. Would I
Ans: C

411.      To grease the palm means……..
A. To smooth                                                                      
B. To bribe
C. To win                                                                             
D. To make up mind
Ans: B

412.      ……you ever ….. Manali?
A. Have, visited                                                                  
B. Had, visited
C. Did, visit                                                                         
D. Will, be visiting
Ans: A

413.      ‘LATE’ नु Superlative degree
A. LATER                                                                            
C. LAST                                                                               
Ans: C

414.      What is the opposite of ‘general’?
A. Particular                                                                        
B. Ambiguous
C. Rare
D. Straight
Ans: A

415.      Give one word for the expression: ‘A disease which spreads by contact’
A. Herbal                                                                             
B. Infectious
C. Contagious                                                                    
D. Incorrigible
Ans: C

416.      In my busy office schedule, I haven’t got…….. time for playing
A. no    
B. much
C. little 
D. few
Ans: B

417.      “Please do not go away”, she said. Indirect of this sentence is
A. She said to please her and not go away                  
B. She told me to away
C. She begged me not to go away                                 
D. She begged that I not go away
Ans: C

418.      It….. heavily, so I will take an umbrella with me.
A. was raining                                                                    
B. is raining
C. has rained                                                                     
D. rained
Ans: B

419.      Human nature ….. from person to person.
A. vary 
B. very
C. varies                                                                              
D. veries
Ans: C

420.      He ….his fingers by interfering in his neighbour’s affairs.
A. burnt                                                                               
B. cut
C. pressed                                                                          
D. hurt
Ans: A

421.      The Manager doctors the accounts of the company.
A. to make changes in account books.                         
B. to clear the doctors’ bill
C. to verify the accounts in detail                                   
D. to manipulate the accounts
Ans: D

422.      Synonyms for SECURE:
A. Independent                                                                  
B. Comfortable
C. Safe
D. Secret
Ans: C

423.      Find the correct spelling.
A. perseverence                                                                
B. perseverance
C. perseveranse                                                                
D. parseverence
Ans: B

424.      I wish I…….. a millionaire.
A. am   
B. are
C. was 
D. were
Ans: D

425.      Both the friends were idle…… of them stood up to answer.
A. Neither                                                                            
B. Either
C. Each
D. All
Ans: A

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426.      Pick up a suitable word from the options which can replace: CAUTIOUSLY
A. Genuinely                                                                       B. Carefully
C. Secretly                                                                           D. Somewhat
Ans: B

427.      The person who conducts sales at which goods are sold to the persons making the highest bid or offer is called…….
A. conjurer                                                                           B. bursar
C. chairman                                                                         D. auctioneer
Ans: D

428.      Pick out the odd word from :
A. dentist                                                                              B. doctor
C. pupil                                                                                 D. engineer
Ans: C

429.      If ……… I would not lose temper.
A. I were you                                                                       B. I was you
C. I am not you                                                                    D. I am you
Ans: A

430.      Imam Husian died ……… a noble cause.
A. of      B. for
C. in      D. at
Ans: B

431.      Use the correct verb :
A mango was ……….. by Manju.
A. eat    B. ate
C. eats  D. eaten
Ans: D

432.      Rohan was …… till death by the dacoits.
A. hanged                                                                            B. hung
C. haning                                                                             D. hunged
Ans: A

433.      Early to bed and early to rise………. a man healthy, wealthy.
A. make                                                                                B. makes
C. shall make                                                                      D. made
Ans: B

434.      Choose the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect speech:
He said to them, “Don’t make a noise”
A. He told them that don’t make noise
B. He told them not to make noise
C. He told them not  make a noise
D. He asked them not to make a noise
Ans: D

435.      She could never measure up to her parent’s expectation.
A. Reach the level                                                              B. Asses the amount
C. Word as hard                                                                  D. Increase her height
Ans: A

436.      John’s offer of help was turned down by the police.
A. Sent back                                                                        B. Refused
C. Twisted around                                                              D. Handed over
Ans: B

437.      The letter has already………. . It must have reached by now.
A. sent  B. send
C. been send                                                                      D. been sent
Ans: D

438.      He said, “I shall go as soon as it is possible.” -Turn into Indirect speech
A. He said that he should go as soon as that was possible
B. He said that he will go as soon that was possible.
C. He said that he shall go as soon as it is possible
D. He said that he would go as soon a sit was possible
Ans: D

439.      One who hates woman is called …..
A. philanthropist                                                                 B. ascetic
C. misogamist                                                                     D. misogynist
Ans: D

440.      A system of naming things
A. horticulture                                                                     B. miniature
C. genocide                                                                         D. nomenclature
Ans: D

441.      A raised passageway in a building
A. walkway                                                                          B. walkouts
C. walkabout                                                                       D. walkout
Ans: A

442.      Mayank ………. overtime for the last two weeks.
A. is working                                                                        B. has been working
C. is being working                                                            D. does
Ans: B

443.      Every morning I get up at 4 O’ clock, but today I ………. 7 o’clock.
A. got up                                                                               B. am getting up
C. was getting up                                                               D. could not got up
Ans: A

444.      Most children ……… ice-cream.
A. likes B. were liking
C. like   D. are like
Ans: C

445.      ……..takes charge of a prison.
A. An editor                                                                          B. An optician
C. A detective                                                                      D. A warden
Ans: A

446.      After a day’s work, they slept……..  .
A. soundly                                                                           B. slowly
C. strangely                                                                         D. severely
Ans: A

447.      He……. for you all day. He’s still waiting now.
A. has been waiting                                                           B. has waited
C. waited                                                                              D. had waited
Ans: B

448.      Choose the correct pronoun that can replace the underlined word.
An ice cream truck drove down the street.
A. It        B. They
C. Her   D. Him
Ans: A

449.      Heena……. to buy the new dress she wants.
A. doesn’t have money enough                                      B. isn’t enough money
C. doesn’t have enough money                                      D. don’t have enough money
Ans: C

450.      Look at all those black clouds! It……
A. is going to rain                                                               B. is raining
C. will be rain                                                                      D. rains
Ans: A

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451.      He was caught…… trying to steal (caught in the act of stealing) a car.
A. red- handed                                                                   
B. black-handed
C. handed                                                                           
D. close handed

452.      Anita and I don’t see ……very often.
A. ourselves                                                                       
B. themselves
C. each other                                                                     
D. us

453.      I… home work already.
A. have done                                                                      
B. am doing
C. shall do                                                                          
D. has done

454.      “………….are you today?” “I’m fine, thank you.”?
A. How
B. Who
C. What                                                                               
D. Where

455.      We need not have worried about the math exam. It was …..(very easy).
A. a hot potato                                                                    
B. a piece of cake
C. a bun in the oven                                                         
D. a cold drink

456.      Choose the correct pronoun that can replace the underlined word.
Rohan is writing a report on Thoms Edison.
A. them
B. it
C. he    
D. him

457.      The taxi……   .
A. has not arrive yet                                                          
B. does not arrive yet
C. has not arrived yet                                                        
D. is not arrived yet

458.      Where ……your books?
A. am   
B. is
C. are   
D. was

459.      I learned my multiplication tables …….. (memorized them) when I was 7.
A. by ear                                                                              
B. by brain
C. in over my head                                                            
D. by heart

460.      It was very cold….. all the windows were open.
A. or     
B. but
C. so    
D. because

461.      He was lonely and aching……love.
A. about                                                                               
B. for
C. with 
D. in

462.      The cat is playing with….. tail.
A. its     
B. his
C. it      
D. her
463.      She….. Martin since she was a child.
A. has been known                                                           
B. is knowing
C. has known                                                                     
D. knew

464.      John put………… his clothes and went out.
A. through                                                                           
B. with
C. in     
D. on

465.      Do you know who ……….T.V.?
A. invented                                                                         
B. inventor
C. invently                                                                          
D. invention

466.      ……… everybody was safe and sound.
A. Lucky                                                                              
B. unluck
C. luck 
D. Luckily

467.      When father returned, we ……..
A. was played                                                                     
B. played
C. were playing                                                                  
D. are playing

468.      Cancer is still ……..
A. incurable                                                                        
B. curable
C. sufficient                                                                        
D. capable

469.      Taj Mahal…….. by Shahjahan.
A. are built                                                                          
B. is built
C. was built                                                                         
D. were built

470.      Gujarat is …… for its cotton industry.
A. famous                                                                           
B. fame
C. familiar                                                                           
D. family

471.      ……. is the minister absent today?
A. Why
B. When
C. who 
D. whom

472.      Katrina and ….  read together.
A. me   
B. I
C. mine                                                                                
D. her

473.      Who is older …… you two?
A. between                                                                         
B. among
C. from
D. on

474.      Choose the correct pronoun for underlined part.
The farmers are going to their farms.  
A. Them                                                                               
B. We
C. They                                                                                
D. You

475.      Wait here till you……
A. called                                                                              
B. is called
C. were called                                                                    
D. are called
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451.       A
452.       C
453.       A
454.       A
455.       B
456.       D
457.       C
458.       C
459.       D
460.       D
461.       B
462.       A
463.       C
464.       D
465.       A
466.       D
467.       C
468.       A
469.       C
470.       A
471.       A
472.       B
473.       A
474.       C
475.       D

476.      ……. students never disobey their teachers & elders.
A. Obedient                                                                        
B. Obey
C. Obedience                                                                     
D. Disobey

477.      Roma is…... than Ram.
A. tall   
B. tallest
C. taller
D. the tallest

478.      Replace the underlined part of the following sentence with appropriate option.
These days every country is afraid of terrorism.
A. At least                                                                            
B. At last
C. At present                                                                      
D. At past

479.      Can anyone…… two masters?
A. serve                                                                               
B. be served
C. is serving                                                                       
D. served

480.      Choose the correct pronoun for the underlined part.
The cows are under the tress.
A. Them                                                                               
B. you
C. Their                                                                               
D. They

481.      The officer gave him ……… stamps.
A. used
B. using
C. is used                                                                            
D. was used

482.      Select the correct form of verb for underlined part of the sentence.
You idiot, follow my order
A. to carry away                                                                 
B. to carry on
C. to carry out                                                                     
D. to carry off

483.      ………. river in India is so long as the Ganga
A. Any other                                                                       
B. No other
C. Many                                                                               
D. All

484.      Run, our principal……… here.
A. came                                                                               
B. comes
C. coming                                                                           
D. is coming

485.      Make negative:
Only he can solve this problem.
A. None but he can solve this problem.                        
B. Not anyone accept he can solve this problem.
C. Everyone can never solve this problem.                  
D. All cannot solve this problem.

486.      Many a man……
A. has done                                                                        
B. have done
C. are doing                                                                        
D. were doing

487.      Do not smoke while you……… .
A. driving                                                                             
B. are driving
C. drove                                                                               
D. driven

488.      Turn into active voice – “Ugly ducklings have to be found by you.”
A. You have found ugly ducklings.                               
B. You have to find ugly ducklings.
C. You have to been find ugly ducklings.                    
D. You have to been found Ugly.

489.      Bruno said,” Where…… the real truth?”
A. they have been exposed                                             
B. they have exposed
C. have they been exposed                                            
D. have they exposed

490.      Antonym of “Conduct”?
A. Misconduct                                                                    
B. Inconduct
C. Conductness                                                                
D. Disconduct

491.      While targeting the goal of life, he met….. triumph and disaster.
A. after 
B. with
C. Not attempted                                                                
D. for

492.      He is ………. eye specialist.                      
A. a      
B. an
C. the   
D. on

493.      Make the noun of ‘Achieve’
A. Achieved                                                                        
B. Achieving
C. Achievement                                                                 
D. Disachieve

494.      He is utmost confident and sure …… succeed.
A. with 
B. by
C. to     
D. none of above

495.      Shreya put …….. her clothes and went out.
A. with 
B. in
C. on    
D. through

496.      ……… a rich fellow, he never helps needy people.
A. Being                                                                              
B. Be
C. Became                                                                          
D. Become

497.      I ………. my homework already.
A. am doing                                                                        
B. shall do
C. has done                                                                        
D. have done

498.      He cooked food for the family……. it was midnight.
A. till     
B. instead of
C. rather                                                                              
D. by

499.      The taxi ………. .
A. does not arrive yet                                                        
B. has not arrived yet
C. is not arrived yet                                                           
D. has no arrive yet

500.      No sooner…. call him than he shouted.
A. am I 
B. had I
C. did I 
D. was I
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476.      Obedient
477.      Taller
478.      At present
479.      serve
480.      They
481.      used
482.      to carry out
483.      No other
484.      is coming
485.      None but he can solve this problem.
486.      has done
487.      are driving
488.      You have to find ugly ducklings.
489.      have they exposed
490.      Misconduct
491.      with
492.      an
493.      Achievement
494.      to
495.      on
496.      Being
497.      have done
498.      till
499.      has not arrived yet
500.      did I

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