Binsachivalay & Office Assistant English MCQs 501 to 600

Binsachivalay & Office Assistant

English Grammar by Angel English Academy-Jasdan

501.      We shall play cricket…… it rains.
A. unless                                                                             
B. that
C. while                                                                               
D. when

502.      Which of the following word is ‘Adjective’?
A. Kindly                                                                             
B. Kindness
C. Kind
D. Kinding

503.      Ajay…….. the matter among all the members.
A. disclose                                                                          
B. disclosed
C. discklosed                                                                      
D. dexclosed

504.      Sure, I…….. complete my task.
A. will   
B. is
C. am   
D. are

505.      ……… milk is there in the bottle?
A. How many                                                                      
B. How far
C. How much                                                                     
D. How long

506.      Change voice : By whom was that glass broken?
A. Who break that glass ?                                                
B. Who has broken that glass ?
C. Who broke that glass ?                                                
D. Who had broken that glass ?

507.      ‘The eagle can see very far. It has sharp eyes.’-find out the meaning of the ‘sharp’ word.
A. big   
B. powerful
C. beautiful                                                                         
D. small

508.      I am a fan of Amitabh Bachchan. His…….. is good even at this age.
A. performance                                                                  
B. perform
C. performed                                                                      
D. performing

509.      Find out the correct opposite word of: ‘Handsome’
A. Beautiful                                                                        
B. Lovely
C. Ugly
D. Dull

510.      As the child was alone, I ……..look after  it.
A. have to                                                                            
B. had to
C. has to                                                                              
D. have been to

511.      Find out the correct spelling:
A. Geagraply                                                                      
B. Geagrephy
C. Geography                                                                     
D. Geagrephy

512.      The neem tree is…. my house.
A. on    
B. over
C. in     
D. in front of

513.      ……… I help you in your work?
A. Do   
B. May
C. Does                                                                               
D. Would

514.      Monday comes…….. Sunday and Tuesday.
A. before                                                                             
B. between
C. after
D. among

515.      I have to go to Mumbai……
A. a day before                                                                   
B. yesterday
C. tomorrow                                                                        
D. on last Sunday

516.      Kajal says she can’t…..our invitation for lunch today.
A. except                                                                             
B. accepts
C. accept                                                                             
D. almost

517.      See, the gardener …… the flowers from garden.
A. plucked                                                                           
B. has plucked
C. plucking                                                                         
D. is plucking

518.      Choose correct sentence.
A. What might have happened to the football?
B. What might has happened to the football?   
C. What might have happenning to the football?       
D. What my has happened to the football?

519.      My  brother speaks…….. he were a leader.
A. that  
B. though
C. as if 
D. so that

520.      Kapildev was the ….. bowler in the India.
A. fast  
B. faster
C. fastest                                                                             
D. fasten

521.      I have ….the reading competition.
A. won 
B. ill
C. win  
D. fit

522.      ‘The farmers grow wheat in winter season.’-show the kind of noun of ‘wheat’ word:
A. Common                                                                        
B. Abstract
C. Collective                                                                       
D. Material

523.      Choose the past participle of: “Teach”
A. Teached                                                                         
B. Taught
C. Teaches                                                                         
D. Teaching

524.      Our car was running…… the road to Udaipur.
A. on    
B. along
C. upon                                                                               
D. in

525.      I have an umbrella. This umbrella is not…….
A. my   
B. myself
C. me   
D. mine
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526.      The boy said, “Who dare call you a thief”?
A. The boy asked who called him a thief.                     
B. The boy enquired who dared call him a thief.
C. The boy told that who dared call a thief                   
D. The boy wondered who dared call thief.

527.      He will not object….. my proposal.
A. in     
B. at
C. to     
D. into

528.      They drew a circle in the morning.
A. a circle was being drawn by them in the morning  
B. A circle has been drawn since morning.
C. A circle was drawn by them in the morning            
D. In the morning a circle was being drawn.

529.      ……it rain, there will be no match.
A. If      
B. Should
C. Would                                                                             
D. Will

530.      ……..had I spoken when he left.
A. Hardly                                                                             
B. No sooner
C. Rarely                                                                             
D. As soon as

531.       I think I……this article.
A. read 
B. have read
C. had been reading                                                         
D. would reads

532.      He denied that he ….a liar.
A. was not                                                                           
B. is not
C. will not be                                                                      
D. was

533.      Suketu has no pen…..  .
A. to write with                                                                    
B. to write in
C. to write by                                                                       
D. to write for

534.      Rehan ate……  .
A. four breads                                                                    
B. four bread
C. four pieces of bread                                                     
D. four pieces of breads

535.      ……… learning is a dangerous thing.
A. Little                                                                                
B. A Little
C. Few 
D. A Few

536.      One should keep one’s promises. [change the voice]
A. Promises should be kept.                                            
B. Promises should have be kept.
C. Promises should have to be kept.                             
D. Promises are to be kept.

537.      Democracy means:
A. A political system selected by the kings.                  
B. A political system ruled by the people.
C. dictatorship.                                                                   
D. none of above.

538.      Comparative degree form of  ‘fore’ is …………….
A. before                                                                             
B. forehead
C. former                                                                             
D. forer

539.      No sooner did Eurydice step on the snake …………. it bit her.
A. then
B. than
C. after
D. before

540.      Will you mind……………sitting there?
A. I        
B. me
C. my   
D. mine

541.      Put proper question tag.
Little water is in the bottle ……………
A. isn’t it                                                                              
B. is it
C. does it                                                                             
D. wasn’t  it

542.      The fan is moving……….. my head.
A. over 
B. on
C. under                                                                              
D. at

543.      ‘….’ is  called…………..
A. hyphen                                                                           
B. full stop
C. comma                                                                            
D. colon

544.      Give plural form of:  ‘Axis’
A. axes
B. axess
C. axises                                                                             
D. excess

545.      Laxmi…………. to computer classes on Monday and Fridays.
A. go    
B. goes
C. going                                                                              
D. were going

546.      Thirty days………. September.
A. have
B. has
C. had 
D. are

547.      His father went abroad with a view ….. more money
A. to earn                                                                            
B. to earning
C. to earned                                                                        
D. earn much

548.      I…. your house yesterday.
A. passed by                                                                       
B. past  by
C. passing by                                                                     
D. pasting by

549.      I  have never seen ……animal before.
A. so large                                                                           
B. any large
C. as large                                                                          
D. such a large

550.      She is…… girls  I know.
A. one of the best                                                              
B. from the best
C. the most best                                                                 
D. the best
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551.      In the tragic incident, none of the 145 passengers ……… .
A. is surviving                                                                    
B. could survived
C. survive                                                                            
D. survived

552.      As soon as the police arrived, the thief escaped.(use ‘no sooner’)
A. No sooner does the police arrive than the thief escaped.  
B. No sooner the police arrived, the thief escaped.    
C. No sooner did the police arrived, than the thief escaped.              
D. No sooner did the police arrive than the thief escaped.

553.      Give the meaning of the idiom, “to draw a blank”
A. To succeed                                                                    
B. To fill up the blank
C. To fail                                                                              
D. None

554.      You must………. left the flat by now.
A. be    
B. have
C. has  
D. None of the above

555.      The boy said, “How happy I am to return home !” ( make assertive)
A. The boy told that he was happy to returned to home          
B. The boy said that how happy I am  ot return  home.
C. The boy exclaimed with joy that he was very happy to return home        
D. None.

556.      ……….. I keep my bag here ?
A. Have to                                                                           
B. Would
C. May 
D. Do

557.      Before the world – war II ended, USA…….two Japanese cities with atom bomb.
A. had been attacking                                                      
B. attacked
C. had attacked                                                                  
D. had been attacked

558.      We go to school every day ……… Sunday.
A. accept                                                                             
B. then
C. than
D. except

559.      Change the voice: By whom was this job done?
A. Who has done this job?                                              
B. Who was doing this job?
C. Who had done this job?                                              
D. Who did this job?

560.      An honest person will never cheat anyone ……… he gets a golden gift.
A. even though                                                                  
B. even if
C. because                                                                         
D. if

561.      An apple…….. on his head yesterday.
A. dropping                                                                         
B. dropped
C. drop
D. drops

562.      The sport ……… makes arrangements for games.
A. comttee                                                                           
B. commitee
C. comitee                                                                           
D. committee

563.      Is  that umbrella ……… or mine ?
A. us    
B. you
C. yours                                                                               
D. your

564.      Listen, a great leader…….. now.
A. was speaking                                                                
B. has spoken
C. is speaking                                                                    
D. speaks

565.      It is better….  too early than too late.
A. been                                                                                
B. be
C. being                                                                              
D. to be

566.      The clock struck thirteen…….made everyone laugh.   
A. this  
B. when
C. what
D. which

567.      ……….  politicians…..people are equally responsible for corruption.
A. Both, or                                                                           
B. Both, as well as
C. Not only, but also                                                         
D. Every, and

568.      Where ……you an hour ago?
A. did   
B. had been
C. were
D. are

569.      …….. the coffee… he began to feel drowsy.
A. No sooner he had  drunk…when                              
B. No sooner had he drunk…than
C. No sooner had he drunk…then                                
D. No sooner had he drunk…when

570.      Please turn….. the volume of the radio, so that it is not quite loud.
A. in     
B. out
C. off    
D. of

571.      Each child is given a….. orange.
A. some                                                                               
B. hole
C. whole                                                                              
D. all

572.      સાચો વિકલ્પ શોધીને લાખો.
A. It is looking that it may rain                                         
B. It looks that it may rain
C. It is looking that it might rain                                       
D. It is looked that it may rain

573.      Good progress was being made – Change the voice.
A. They were being make good progress                      
B. They were making good progress
C. Progress was making good.                                       
D. Good was making progress

574.       I found that he …….recently.
A. go out                                                                              
B. has gone out
C. went out                                                                         
D. had gone out

575.      Turn into indirect: Raghu said to Vandana, “Are you going?” 
A. Raghu asked Vandana if she was going.               
B. Raghu told Vandana whether she is going
C. Raghu asked Vandana if is was going.                   
D. Raghu told Vandana whether she was going.

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576.      વાક્યની ખાલી જગ્યા માટે યોગ્ય વિકલ્પ શોધો.
………plays badminton every Sunday?
A. Who
B. Whom
C. I       
D. What

577.      વાક્યની ખાલી જગ્યા માટે યોગ્ય વિકલ્પ શોધો.
Bobby is running……. a puppy.
A. into  
B. form
C. after
D. in

578.      સાચી જોડણી વાળો શબ્દ શોધો.
A. leight                                                                               
B. laight
C. light 
D. lite

579.      સાચી જોડણી વાળો શબ્દ શોધો.
A almung                                                                            
B. almond
C. olmand                                                                           
D. allmond

580.      Life નું બહુવચન.
A. lives
B. lifes
C. lifess                                                                               
D. life

581.      There is little water…… the pot.
A. over 
B. in
C. on    
D. into

582.      Fat નો વિરુદ્ધ અર્થ ધરાવતો શબ્દ.
A. short
B. thin
C. big   
D. little

583.      અલગ પડતો શબ્દ શોધો.
A. Fielding                                                                          
B. Batting
C. Skipping                                                                         
D. Bowling

584.      ……… sun shines very brightly in the summer.
A. An   
B. That
C. A      
D. The

585.      Find the pronoun used in the following sentence.
Ram and Shyam are so close that they cannot be separated.
A. and  
B. so
C. they 
D. that

586.      ……… I was tired, I managed to finish the wok.
A. Although                                                                        
B. As
C. Still  
D. Yet

587.      Traffic…… by the school boys now.
A. is controlled                                                                   
B. is being controlled
C. was controlled                                                               
D. controlled

588.      I wish I ……. an excellent house to live in.
A. have
B. have had
C. had 
D. having

589.      Mr. Chauhan said to the pupils,………. sit quiet…….leave the class
A. neither….nor                                                                 
B. not only….but also
C. unless                                                                            
D. either….or

590.      When I went there, I found that Bhumika…….  .
A. cooking                                                                           
B. was cooking
C. cook
D. cooked

591.      You cannot go along here because the road is ……  .
A. been repaired                                                                
B. be repairing
C. being repaired                                                               
D. repaired

592.      The police asked ….. I had seen the accident.
A. whether                                                                          
B. if where
C. that if                                                                               
D. that when

593.      I ………. sure, he will return my money.
A. is      
B. are
C. will  
D. am

594.      The streets are less busy ………. the highway.
A. than                                                                                 
B. was
C. then                                                                                
D. with

595.         Change in to passive voice :
Ram offered me a job.
A. Ram was offered a job by me.                                    
B. A job was offered to me by Ram.
C. I knew Ram so the job was offered to me.
D. Ram was the job that was offered to me.

596.      A group of artists ………. on the stage now.
A. performing                                                                     
B. is performing
C. has performing                                                             
D. are performing

597.      Many building fell down due to………. in Gujarat before 15 years.
A. earth-kwake                                                                   
B. earth-quake
C. earth-qweck                                                                   
D. earth-quack

598.      ……….. is a well –behaved child.
A. Yours                                                                              
B. Your
C. Us   
D. You

599.      The crowd ………. the puppet-show in the street.
A. had enjoying                                                                 
B. was enjoying
C. has enjoying                                                                 
D. were enjoying

600.      I asked Divya……….she would agree with me.
A. unless                                                                             
B. that
C. even if                                                                            
D. if

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