Binsachivalay Paper Solution English Grammar Answer Keys Exam Held on 16-10-2016

BinSachivalay Exam Paper Solution/Answer Keys
by Angel English Academy-Jasdan-8347262428
Exam Date:16-10-16 Sunday
Subject: English

Keeping in view the level of the post, English questions / Mcqs seem little bit tougher.
Kishan Rathod-Angel English Academy-Jasdan

·      ‘MCQs nos given bellow are from Latest Edition of Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book’
·         Some MCQs are dito-to-dito same with the Angel's 1500 MCQs book while some are likewise with some changes.

1.      Find correct spelling
Ans. perseverance
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-629

2.      Will you mind ….. sitting here?
Ans. my
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-755

3.      Match the offsprings of the Animals
Ans.          Ass-foal
4.      Feminine gender of ‘Bachelor’ is …..
Ans. Spinster

5.      Put proper article.
…….little information he had was not quite reliable.
Ans. A
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-745-46/817/1189

6.      Come ….., please.
Ans. hither
7.      Work hard ….. you should fail.
Ans. lest
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-1045/1503

8.      Give synonym of: ‘Contemplate’’
Ans. . Meditate

9.      Give a single word for:
A place where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation..
Ans. A mortuary

10.  Go back … you came.
Ans. whence

11.  A true ….. is one who keeps one’s country’s secret to oneself.
Ans. Confidant

12.  Adjective form of enemy is …..
Ans. . inimical

13.  Verb form of ‘poor’ is …..
Ans. impoverish

14.  Give plural form of ‘Man-servant’
Ans. Men-Servants

15.  He has been living in Bomday …. last ten years.
Ans. . for
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-462/446/814/919/963/1039/1110/1201

16.  Put proper question tag:
They seldom come here, ………. ?
Ans. do they
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-745

17.  Who taught you French? (Change the Voice)
Ans. By whom were you taught French?
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-709/764

18.   Change the degree:
He plays better than Rohan
Ans. . Rohan does not play so well as he.

19.  Make exclamatory sentence:
‘It is a great pity’
Ans. What a pity!

20.  Everybody likes his ….. simplicity.
Ans. childlike

21.  Fill in the gap:
Car : Garage :: Aeroplane :
Ans. Hangar

22.  Our freedom fighters had ….. many hardships.
Ans. borne

23.  I shall punish you …. you confess your fault.
Ans. unless
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-852/984

24.  Select Past Tense form of ‘to tread’
Ans. trod

25.  ……… I in place, I would not do it.
Ans. Were
Angel’s 1500 MCQs Book-MCQ No-635/865

26.  He, as well as his friends, ………. to my place everyday.
Ans. comes

For final answers, one should depend upon final Authority of the so called exam holders or govt etc.

Best of luck!

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