Active Passive Unusual

Passive Voice of Some Unusual kinds of Sentences:

  • The Examples given below are some strange and not used types of Passive Construction.
  • We generally don't use the Passive of 'to be' or 'to have' when used as main verbs.
  • We also don't use the Passive of Intransitive Verbs used in Passive Voice.
  • But yet, such sentences can be turned into Passive According to the Rules of Passive Voice.
  • Study such sentences give below:

Turn into Passive

1.     I have a mobile. (have is a main verb here)
2.     She has a pen. (has is a main verb here)
3.     He has many books. (has is a main verb here)
4.     We had enough time. (had is a main verb here)
5.     You will have property in future. (will have a main verb here)


1.     A mobile is had by me.
2.     A pen is had by her.
3.     Many books are had by him.
4.     Enough time was had by us.
5.     Property will be had by you in future.

Some more such unusual Examples:

6.     I am a boy. (AV) - A boy is been by me. (PV)
7.     They are having cough. (AV) - Cough is being had by them. (PV)
8.     She goes to school daily.(AV) - A school is gone by her daily.(PV)

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