Enjoy Your Grammar 004 (Few - A few)

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Fill in the gaps with ‘few or a few’
1.            Once, I have visited America. I know ….. cities there.
2.            I had to walk 5 km yesterday as I had ..... rupees for fare.
3.            5,000 students had appeared in the exam. ..… students could get through.
4.            He didn’t wait even ….. minutes and started a lecture.
5.            I have yet ….. options to solve this question. I never lose hope.
6.            You must have ….. rupees in spare for any critical situation.
7.            ….. dogs can make friendship with cats.
8.            It will take ….. days to get command over English Grammar.
9.            If you have …. good friends in life, life is worth living.
10.         ….. know about where the soul goes after the death.

Answers :

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