7 Stars Challenge-no.39 - English Grammar One Word Substitutions-5

English Grammar:

7 Stars Challenge : no-39 One Word Substitutions-5

  • English Grammar Learning
  • 7 Stars Challenge no :39
  • Topic Name : One Word Substitutions

  • Hi dear English grammar learners
  • 7 Blanks/MCQ are given below.
  • Try to give the answers of these blanks before you go to 'Answers'.
  • And see how many stars you get !

1. Correct-1 star
2. Correct-2 stars
3. Correct-3 stars
4. Correct-4 stars
5. Correct-5 stars
6. Correct-6 stars
7. Correct-7 stars

29.       Mercenary
A.      One who can do anything for money.
B.      One who preaches to public.
C.      One who is against the law.
D.      One who always commits mistakes.

30.       Pauper
A.      One who is ready to sacrifice.
B.      One who has no money.
C.      One who can perform any task.
D.      One who has never seen animals.

31.       Honorary
A.      The person who gets lots of respect from others.
B.      A book written by unknown author.
C.      A position or work for which no salary is paid.
D.      A place where honorable people are given gifts.

32.       Choreographer
A.      One who makes chorus work in a company.
B.      The persona with dancing experience.
C.      One who takes the photographs of wild animals.
D.      One who teaches dancing.

33.       Elegy
A.      A poem of love
B.      A poem of lamentation.
C.      A poem of folks.
D.      A poem of judgment.

34.       Paediatrician
A.      A doctor who is specialist in child diseases.
B.      A doctor who is specialist in the disease of feet.
C.      A person having the knowledge of all branches of medicine.
D.      The evergreen tree.

35.       Amateur
A.      A persona appointed by two parties to solve a dispute.
B.      A persona working for the welfare of the poor.
C.      A person living in foreign country without visa.
D.      A person who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession.

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