English Grammar for Senior Clerk & Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-7

English Grammar MCQs
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151. ….. off the light, I went to bed.
a.    Before
b.    Switched
c.    Having switched
d.    Switching

152. They are ….. brothers but neither of them takes care of their parents.
a.    two
b.    few
c.    many
d.    some

153. Very ….. rivers in India are as long as the Narmada.
a.    little
b.    few
c.    most other
d.    many

154. He has lost ….. of rupees in gambling. Now, he lives like a beggar.
a.    a little
b.    a few
c.    a thousand
d.    All

155. ….. Salman had married in time, his kids would have been adult till now.
a.    If
b.    Unless
c.    When
d.    Hardly

156. ….. she ….. away yesterday?
a.    Why ran
b.    Did run
c.    Where running
d.    Was run

157. ….. sir asks a question, even we won’t answer.
a.    Hardly
b.    If
c.    Unless
d.    When

158. ….. water was in a jug so a crow survived.
a.    a little
b.    a few
c.    many
d.    little

159. ….. we …. without water?
a.    Can living
b.    Can live
c.    Can be
d.    Can be lived

160. ….. we do exercise, we will remain healthy.
a.    More
b.    If
c.    Unless
d.    When

161. ….. whom do the people work and earn?
a.    In
b.    For
c.    Around
d.    Why

162. ….. work has been done yet. What about remaining work?
a.    A little
b.    A few
c.    much
d.    Most of

163. ….. you ….. your kids?
a.    Do love
b.    How loving
c.    How much loved
d.    Are love

164. ….. ‘you’ a noun or a pronoun?
a.    Do
b.    Have
c.    Are
d.    Is

165. ….. you read, you cannot pass.
a.    If
b.    Till
c.    Unless
d.    When

166. ….. you were the creator of the world!
a.    If
b.    Unless
c.    When
d.    Did

167. ….. you ….. ‘English in Ten days’ in the morning?
a.    Did got
b.    Will get
c.    Do get
d.    Did get

168.    ….. you ….. up the form for next exam?
a.     How fill
b.    Did filled
c.    Will fill
d.    When will

169. ….. you….. long!
a.    May live
b.    Can live
c.    May be live
d.    How lived

170. 100,000 visitors ….. www.angelforenglish.com last week.
a.    were visit
b.    did visit
c.    visited
d.    visitted

171. 400 videos ... already ... by Angel for English on YouTube.
a.    are uploaded
b.    have uploaded
c.    are been uploaded
d.    have been uploaded

172. 5,000 students had appeared in the exam. ..… students could get through.
a.    Few
b.    A few
c.    Little
d.    A little

173. A festival of kites ….. very famous in India.
a.    has
b.    is
c.    are
d.    does

174. A monkey ….. a long tail.
a.    have
b.    does
c.    has
d.    is

175. A policeman asked a girl what ... name was.
a.    she
b.    hers
c.    herself
d.    her

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151.    c
152.    a
153.    b
154.    d
155.    a
156.    b
157.    c
158.    a
159.    b
160.    b
161.    b
162.    a
163.    a
164.    d
165.    c
166.    a
167.    d
168.    c
169.    a
170.    c
171.    d
172.    b
173.    b
174.    c
175.       d

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