English Grammar for Senior Clerk & Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-8

English Grammar MCQs
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176. I ….. with guests when you called me.
a.    discussed
b.    am discussing
c.    was discussing
d.    was being discussed

177. Students ..... for English Grammar as their exam is very near.
a.    are prepared
b.    are being prepared
c.    are preparing
d.    will be prepare

178. A baby ..... not ..... sandwich at this time yesterday.
a.    was not eating
b.    was eating
c.    was ate
d.    was being eatten

179. Look, ..... these passengers ..... for a bus?
a.    are waiting
b.    are waitting
c.    are being wait
d.    waiting

180. Gifts ..... among the students now.
a.    are distributing
b.    were distributing
c.    are being distributted
d.    are being distributed

181. Kishan sir ..... English at this moment.
a.    is teach
b.    does teaching
c.    is teaching
d.    teaches

182. At this time on next Sunday, you ..... travelling by plane to the moon.
a.    are
b.    were
c.    will be
d.    will being

183. My husband with his colleagues ..... golf now.
a.    are play
b.    are being play
c.    is playing
d.    are playing

184. It’s not raining so we ..... not ..... an umbrella.
a.    were using
b.    are using
c.    are not using
d.    will be use

185. He was too much busy as he was ..... his home work
a.    was doing
b.    doing
c.    was being done
d.    did

186. Be quiet. A new song ..... .
a.    is sung
b.    is singing
c.    was sung
d.    is being sung

187. We ..... to the cinema tonight. We have a lot of work to finish.
a.    are going
b.    will b going
c.    were going
d.    are not going

188. It’s 8:30 o’clock now. His paper starts at 9. He ..... answers at 9:30
a.    is writing
b.    was writing
c.    will write
d.    will be writing

189. ..... we be ..... trouble without water in future?
a.    Will be facing
b.    Won’t facing
c.    Will facing
d.    Won’t being faced

190. Sir asked me if I .... mischief in the class.
a.    am making
b.    is being made
c.    was made
d.    was making

191. Plants .... by the gardener, see.
a.    are being watered
b.    are watering
c.    are being watering
d.    are watered

192. The swimming pool ..... at 9 o’clock yesterday.
a.    was repairing
b.    was being repaired
c.    was repaired
d.    repaired

193. Look! That man ..... to open the door of your car.
a.    tries
b.    has been trying
c.    tried
d.    is trying

194. The river ..... very fast after this rain stops.
a.    flows
b.    will be flowing
c.    is flowing
d.    has flowed

195. There must be something wrong with Umag’s car as he ..... to his office by bus.
a.    is go
b.    is gone
c.    will go
d.    is going

196. My father is a farmer but yours ..... an advocate.
a.    am
b.    is
c.    are
d.    does

197. I am in ..... hostel now.
a.    boy’s
b.    boys
c.    boys’
d.    boys’s

198. They are very clever but ..... class teacher isn’t so much
a.    they
b.    their
c.    them
d.    theirs

199. This is my mobile, where is ..... ?
a.    yours
b.    your’s
c.    your
d.    your’re

200. Ours ..... very regular class.
a.    are
b.    is
c.    doesn’t
d.    have

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176.    c
177.    c
178.    b
179.    a
180.    d
181.    c
182.    c
183.    c
184.    b
185.    a
186.    d
187.    d
188.    d
189.    c
190.    d
191.    a
192.    b
193.    d
194.    b
195.    d
196.    b
197.    c
198.    b
199.    a
200.       b

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