English Grammar for Senior Clerk & Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-9

English Grammar MCQs
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201. After six months, you can also speak in English ..... me.
a.    around
b.    like
c.    without
d.    about

202. All the winners .... prizes tomorrow.
a.    will be given
b.    will give
c.    will be giving
d.    will have given

203. America ….. the powerful president.
a.    have
b.    has
c.    is
d.    does

204. Amirkhan ….. a new movie next year.
a.    is release
b.    will be release
c.    going to release
d.    will release

205. Angel has been sending English Learning videos ….. July 2014.
a.    since
b.    for
c.    from
d.    in

206. Angel is famous … English in Jasdan.
a.    for
b.    in
c.    about
d.    with

207. Before sometimes, the monkey jumped .......... the river.
a.    on
b.    into
c.    near
d.    upon

208. Before you gave answers, sir ….. them to us.
a.    sent
b.    will send
c.    had sent
d.    was sending

209. Board ….. not ….. this question in the previous exam.
a.    did ask
b.    was ask
c.    does ask
d.    will ask

210. Columbus was in search …. America.
a.    for
b.    of
c.    about
d.    under
211. Could is the past form of ….. .
a.    can
b.    can be
c.    cannot
d.    cloud

212. Cut this apple .......... that knife.
a.    by
b.    with
c.    in
d.    into

213. Do you always go to school … foot?
a.    on
b.    by
c.    with
d.    walking

214. Do you think that flying an airplane is a .... experience?
a.    terrified
b.    terrifying
c.    terrify
d.    terror

215. Don’t disturb the principal. He ….. in his chamber.
a.    sleeping
b.    is sleeping
c.    sleeps
d.    slept

216. Eagle has been flying in the sky ….. last week.
a.    since
b.    for
c.    over
d.    before

217. Elders ….. .
a.    should respect
b.    should be respect
c.    should be respected
d.    should have been respected

218. English is taught .......... Kishan sir to us very easily.
a.    of
b.    by
c.    for
d.    with

219. English ... all over the world.
a.    speaks
b.    is speak
c.    is speaking
d.    is spoken

220. Girls have been teasing boys ….. 20 minutes.
a.    since
b.    for
c.    from
d.    in

221. God has been distributing wisdom among people ….. many years.
a.    since
b.    for
c.    from
d.    so

222. Hanuman ….. Ram too much.
a.    had
b.    was respected
c.    did respect
d.    respected

223. ‘Have’ ..... used with plurals generally.
a.    is
b.    you
c.    are
d.    you

224. Have you ever..... Taj Mahal?
a.    see
b.    saw
c.    seen
d.    have seen

225. He ….. an airplane for 10 hours.
a.    has flown
b.    is flying
c.    has been flying
d.    will fly

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201.   b
202.   a
203.   b
204.   d
205.   a
206.   a
207.   b
208.   c
209.   a
210.   b
211.   a
212.   b
213.   a
214.   b
215.   b
216.   a
217.   c
218.   b
219.   d
220.   b
221.   b
222.   d
223.   a
224.   c
225.   c

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