English Grammar for Senior Clerk & Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-11

English Grammar MCQs
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251.    ‘Kites’ …. the plural form of kite.
A.   is
B.   are
C.   have
D.   do

252.    Kites ….. available in many colours and shapes.
A.   have
B.   are
C.   do
D.   many

253.    Kites ….. by Children, adult, girls and boys in India.
A.   are fly
B.   flew
C.   are flown
D.   flying

254.    Kites ….. in future also.
A.   fly
B.   will fly
C.   will be flown
D.   will flying

255.    Kites ….. last year also.
A.   did fly
B.   were flown
C.   flew
D.   flying

256.    Listen, a nice song ….. .
A.   is singing
B.   has sung
C.   was being sung
D.   is being sung

257.    Listen, an announcement ... to cancel all the flights due to heavy ice-fall.
A.   making
B.   is making
C.   is made
D.   is being made
258.    Listen, she is talking .......... you.
A.   for
B.   in
C.   about
D.   at

259.    Look, a new missile …. .
A.   is launched
B.   is launch
C.   is being launch
D.   is being launched

260.    Look, many students ….. kites.
A.   are fly
B.   are flown
C.   are flying
D.   are being flown

261.    Marry ….. a question to Mohan yesterday.
A.   was asked
B.   asked
C.   had asked
D.   asking

262.    Merry ….. two husbands.
A.   has
B.   have
C.   is
D.   are

263.    Might is the past form of ….. .
A.   might
B.   may
C.   will
D.   can

264.    Monday is the first day .......... the week.
A.   of
B.   after
C.   during
D.   before

265.    Mr. John ….. in India since his wife died.
A.   settled
B.   has been settled
C.   has settled
D.   has been settling

266.    My father is a farmer but yours .... an advocate.
A.   is
B.   are
C.   do
D.   does

267.    My husband has studied only .......... S.S.C.
A.   till
B.   up to
C.   for
D.   since

268.    My monthly income is .......... 1,000,000/- Rs.
A.   down
B.   below
C.   under
D.   more

269.    Neha was angry ….. herself for making such a stupid mistake.
A.   about
B.   with
C.   on
D.   for
270.    New series ….. already ….. .
A.   have been launched
B.   launched
C.   has been launched
D.   are launching

271.    News .... good.
A.   is
B.   has
C.   are
D.   must

272.    No sooner ... the sun ... , than the birds start chirping.
A.   did rise
B.   is rise
C.   do rise
D.   does rise

273.    No sooner did sir enter the class, ….. all the students stood up.
A.   when
B.   than
C.   then
D.   before

274.    Once, I have visited America. I know ….. cities there.
A.   few
B.   a few
C.   little
D.   a little

275.    One of students .... absent today.
A.   was
B.   were
C.   had
D.   are

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251.    A
252.    B
253.    C
254.    C
255.    B
256.    D
257.    D
258.    C
259.    D
260.    C
261.    B
262.    A
263.    B
264.    A
265.    C
266.    A
267.    B
268.    B
269.    B
270.    C
271.    A
272.    D
273.    B
274.    B
275.       A

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