English Grammar for Senior Clerk & Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-12

English Grammar MCQs
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276.    Our country is spiritual country, theirs .....  religious.
A.   is
B.   are
C.   also
D.   have

277.    Our sir teaches Mathematics .......... English.
A.   across
B.   besides
C.   beside
D.   both

278.    Please, come .......... the bathroom.
A.   out of
B.   over
C.   on
D.   in

279.    Please, don’t laugh … those beggars.
A.   for
B.   against
C.   at
D.   against
280.    Please, stop .... so many mistakes.
A.   to make
B.   make
C.   making
D.   makes

281.    She ….. her husband for 15 minutes.
A.   is beating
B.   has been beating
C.   has been beaten
D.   beats

282.    The English ….. English.
A.   speak
B.   spoke
C.   spoken
D.   is spoken

283.    The rain comes .......... the clouds.
A.   in
B.   near
C.   from
D.   under

284.    The ship ….. , Robinson arrived on the Island.
A.   had been broken
B.   having been broken
C.   having broken
D.   has broken

285.    The stars ….. counted.
A.   can
B.   can be
C.   cannot be
D.   must

286.    Three Idiots ..... really a watchable movie.
A.   are
B.   is
C.   superb
D.   do

287.     Choose the correct spelling.
A. Intillect
B. Intelact
C. Intelect          
D. Intellect

288.     Chirag hardly ever cooks,…….  ?
A. isn’t he   
B. he doesn’t
C. doesn’t he         
D. does he

289.     I don’t know the city …..he lives.
A. what       
B. where
C. when      
D. which

290.     Choose the appropriate option that correctly completes the sentence.
He always stammers in public meetings, but his today’s speech……..
A. was fairly audible to everyone.          
B. was not liked by the audience.
C. was not received by the audience.   
D. was surprisingly fluent.

291.     We have been in Sector: 8, Gandhinagar…….1997
A. for           
B. from
C. about      
D. since

292.     Steadily (Find nearest opposite)
A. unevenly           
B. shakily
C. slowly     
D. irregularly

293.     Choose the most suitable alternative in accordance with the correct use of tense.
A. She just has her lunch.          
B. She has just had her lunch.
C. She has had just her lunch.  
D. She just had her lunch.

294.     Our armed forces are …… those of any other country in the word.
A. Superior than   
B. Superior to
C. Superior from   
D. Superior than

295.     Do not cry ……spilt milk.
A. on           
B. over
C. about      
D. for

296.     He deserves my thanks for …..my purse and returned it to me without taking   anything from it.
A. having found    
B. found
C. founded 
D. find

297.     A man of letters means
A. A writer who wrote many letters        
B. A good reader of letters
C. A person who has understanding power    
D. A scholar with literary test.

298.     ‘The green eyed monster’ means…
A. hatred     
B. love
C. anger     
D. jealousy

299.     The electricity is ……. than coal.
A. cheap     
B. to cheap
C. cheaper 
D. cheapest

300.     Give plural form of : ‘Hypothesis’
A. Hypotheses       
B. Hypothisis
C. Hypothysis        
D. Hypothises

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276.      A
277.      B
278.      A
279.      C
280.      C
281.      B
282.      A
283.      C
284.      C
285.      C
286.      B
287.      D
288.      D
289.      B
290.      D
291.      D
292.      B
293.      B
294.      B
295.      B
296.      A
297.      D
298.      D
299.      C
300.          A

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